Curtains have a huge impact on interior transforming. It is worth investing time in a selection of the right luxury curtains fabric and colour matching with pattern and texture to achieve a completely harmonized overall look for your room.

Fabric types

There are many choices of fabrics when it comes to luxury curtains. If you are buying new curtains but not kinda sure where to start, keep reading Zenn Interiors handy guide to the most luxurious curtains fabrics:


It is a natural fabric that provides an earthy look yet sophisticated to seem tailored. Crinkly texture with a billowing look. Heavy luxurious linen is great for blocking out light. They require more frequent washing and drying right away in order to avoid fabric wrinkling.


Velvet is one of the heaviest fabrics. But velvet is royal. It’s heavy enough and great fabric if you are looking for drapes that fall right down to the floor. Also, velvet is great for blocking out light. With choosing the right rich deep colours and warm design, you can get a nice cosy look.


Cotton curtains are versatile and provide an elegant feel and look for both traditional and modern home decor. It is way lighter than velvet, and most people like cotton because it is an organ fabric, which means it is biodegradable, lightweight, and durable. Cotton comes in a wide range of thickness degree. You can block out light with thicker or let more light in with sheer cotton.


Silk at first glance immediately looks luxurious and sensational. The bedrooms and comfortable, luxurious living rooms are best for these models. With delightful drape and sheen, silk curtains will create a focal point of your place. Be aware, silk needs special care.


Light and sheer fabric. Ideal if you are looking for privacy yet having enough of light inside. Lace goes hand in hand with the light colour of the interior. To get the best fitting in choose light colour models like ivory or white.


Maybe most lavish fabric. It is a rich fabric woven with a raised design. Brocade is usually made from silk with extra lining. Brocade adds a statement and formal touch to any room. Comes in a variety of patterns and colours so you can perfectly choose the one that suits best in your place.

Polyester/polyester blends

The great thing is that polyester can be found in different weights from sheer light to heavy fabrics. They are easy to maintain and without wrinkling or stretching. A polyester is a great option for a tight budget. But when it comes to durability and mould resistance, it is unbeatable.

Fabric quality

Curtains fabrics are available in different:

  • types
  • weights
  • thread counts
  • textures

In order to choose the most luxurious design, it is good to choose fabrics with a lot of thread count. If you are looking for luxury curtains that retain the extra good look for many years, this fabric is the best option. For light and airy interiors, you could choose luxurious sheer fabrics.

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