Moving from one house to another is a huge task, especially when you’re thinking about moving your furniture. So, the question is what to do with your furniture? Is it better if you just leave behind all those big and heavy domestic items and buy brand-new ones after the move? When it comes to packing, it’s not so bad, it’s just a boring task. It’s really moving the furniture that makes it so difficult for us.

What if we break something? What if it doesn’t fit in our new space?

Some pieces are very large and cannot fit easily through the doors, lobbies, or entrances. That’s why many people hire professionals for furniture removal and deliver these items to your new home.

Disassembling furniture takes time and patience, so it’s better for you to schedule a few days before you move to complete this process.

Step 1. Is the Move Worth It?

You may want to move some or maybe all furniture pieces you own to the new home. However, the choice to do so will cost you good money due to the weight of your big furniture items. Consider things like how much time, energy, and cost it will take to move these items. Also, ask yourself whether your furniture will fit into your new home or apartment.

Most of the time calculations show that it’s often cheaper to buy new furniture items upon arrival than to drag old ones across the country. It’s easier and more practical too.

Step 2. Take Some Measurements

The good news is that not all furniture you’ve decided to move will need to be disassembled – the ones that can pass safely through all entrances, hallways, and stairs should remain as they are. You have to disassemble only the pieces that do not fit safely through any of the openings along the path.

Step 3. Ask a friend for assistance

You can’t move your heavy furniture all by yourself. That does also require more valuable time and energy. You’ll need at least one other person to help you out but if you can get more people to help you disassemble your furniture, that’ll be even better.

Step 4. Proper Tools Matter

This is very important. You cannot disassemble or reassemble if you don’t have the right tools with you. As you take things apart, note the tools you will need to reassemble and keep those near you so it’ll be easier to get things done when you’re ready to put things back together again.

As you’re considering tools, don’t forget proper straps and things like dollies for those heavy pieces.

Also, you might consider to:

  • Give the furniture away. Your friends, family members, or even neighbours might appreciate getting some of the furniture items you don’t need anymore.
  • Sell the furniture you don’t need. By taking away the needless furniture, you’re reducing moving costs anyway. But if you’d want to also earn a little extra money, you can simply sell the furniture that you don’t want to take with you.
  • Remove it. If the furniture can’t be used any longer, it might be time to remove it by hiring rubbish removal professionals.
  • Leave it in the house. If you feel like it’s not worth it wasting your time and energy on getting rid of the furniture, you can leave it there for the people who are moving into the house after you. In this case, you’ll have less furniture to disassemble before you move.
Rachel Sterry