Do you have odd-shaped windows in your building? Well, you understand how difficult it can be to find their blinds. There are many ways to dress your windows to brighten your home or premises. As you choose, you need to ensure that it goes well with your style and home aesthetics. To make life easier for you, this guide is brought to you by Get Blinds Online, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of made-to-measure blinds. You will get to know some major aspects that you should consider when finding blinds for odd-shaped windows, as well as the different types of blinds.

 7 Types of Blinds for Odd Shaped Windows

There are so many blind types you can select for odd-shaped windows. The choice of the blind type depends on the shape and size of your window and how you want to use it. Other things should be considered, such as its cost, look and feel, among others. The following is a list of types of blinds for odd-shaped windows.

1. Roman shades

They are pull-down blinds that provide soft, diffused light while adding a stylish touch to your windows. As you open or close them, they let in the right amount of light while maintaining the view outside through the slats. They come with an adjustable rod at their top end, thus allowing various height adjustments. These types of blinds for odd-shaped windows can be installed in any position you wish to. You just need to ensure that the brackets are strong enough. The brackets should attach well to your window frame and also be placed in a way that they cover the entire width of the headrail when folded down.

2. Cellular/ Pleated shades

Cellular/ Pleated shades are made of several layers of tissue paper, just like the roman shade. They have a more formal appearance and are often used in formal rooms or dressing rooms. When closed, cellular shades diffuse light completely just like the roman shade while still maintaining the view inside your room through its slats. Although they do not have a freestanding headrail, they still have a cord system to allow you to lift them easily. Cellular shades are available in several stylish colours that can enhance the appearance of your windows from inside your home or office.

3. Wood blinds

Made from natural wood, they add a natural touch to any room with odd-shaped windows. You can choose a single or a double-layered wood blind where the bottom layer has slats overlapped while the top layer is plain with light passing through it, thus making your room look bright and fresh. These types of blinds for odd-shaped windows are available in 3, 4 as well as 6-inch-wide slats. If you go for the triple-layered wood blinds, make sure that they have a straight cord control system to maintain their neat appearance when fully raised or dropped. The bottom two layers of your wood blinds should be shorter than the top layer to allow easy raising and lowering without requiring much effort from you.

4. Bay Window Seat Blinds

This type of window seat blind has been growing in popularity over the last several years as homeowners look to add comfort and style. Typically, these blinds include a piece covering the uppermost portion of the window seat, a piece for the seat itself, and a piece covering the bottom of the window seat. As you purchase these blinds, it is important to know that window seat blinds cost more than your typical roller blind because of all the additional work it takes to make a custom pattern. If you are looking to get exquisite and stylish, this is the best option for you.

5. Speciality Blinds

Speciality blinds are designed to fit odd-shaped windows for a more tailored look. This type of blind is available in many styles and colours to suit your décor. They are made of wood, aluminium, vinyl or fabric, depending on the style you choose. Speciality blinds come with different options that you can use to get your desired light control. They are readily available with no holes in the slats, thus allowing you to adjust each slat in its independent channel, giving you flexible light control.

6. Roller Shades

These are other types of blinds for odd-shaped windows that you can consider. They come in many colours, materials and styles to suit any décor. Made of fabrics or vinyl, they provide the same privacy and insulating properties as the roman shades. You can choose to raise your roller shade above your window frame to let in the same amount of light, but you will lose privacy.

Roller shades can also be made to fit any odd-shaped window, and thus, they are a great option when you have a large window with non-standard shapes or sizes. You can choose from a wide range of colours that suit your room’s décor. When fully raised, roller shades look sleek with the appearance of a flat ceiling, thus making your room appear spacious. They are available with widths ranging from 1½ to 7 feet, and the fabrics used vary according to their prices.

7. Custom Blinds

If you have a window with odd dimensions, there is no need to worry because most manufacturers will custom make your blinds. The experts will measure every window and create a blind design that is perfect for you. Besides the dimensions, the blinds also replicate your style and fashion.


 10 Factors to Consider when Choosing Blinds for Odd-Shaped Windows


1. Headrail Shape

You will need to choose blinds for your odd-shaped windows with a headrail shape that goes well with their designs. You can choose from oval, trapezoid, octagon, heart-shaped, or any other shapes depending on the design of your window frame.

2. Room Décor

The décor of your room will determine the style and shape of blinds you should go for. For instance, if you have a rustic décor for your living room, you can choose wooden blinds with their natural look to blend in. Similarly, if your window frame’s design is modern, you may want to go for cellular or roman shades that are available in stylish colours.

3. Room Size

The size of your room is another important factor to consider when choosing the type of blinds for your odd-shaped windows. You can choose wooden blinds, cellular or roman shades if your room is small, perfect for smaller spaces. If you have a large living room with large odd-shaped windows, you can go for speciality blinds as they are available in a wide variety of styles and colours that will enhance the look of your room.

4. Privacy Requirements

If you have a bedroom with non-standard windows, you may need to control the amount of light entering your window. In this case, you need to choose blinds made of fabrics like roman shades or roller shades. You can also opt for wooden blinds if you want to let in the same amount of light but at the same time close your window completely when not in use.

5. Light Control Requirements

The type of blinds you choose should be able to provide you with the desired light control requirements. Cellular, roller, and roman shades are great for light control as they can be fully raised or dropped depending on your needs.

6. Room Temperature

Go for blinds that will help keep your room cool or warm, depending on the season. Roller blinds are best suited for this purpose as they provide insulation from both hot and cold temperatures, thus keeping your room at the desired temperature.

7. Check for Manufacturer’s Refurbish Warranty

Find a blind manufacturer that provides a refurbish warranty on their products. This will ensure you have a free replacement if anything goes wrong with your product after purchase. Several well-known manufacturers provide a five-year warranty on their roller blinds.

8. Consider the Price

You should consider your budget when choosing your window blinds. Numerous brands offer high-quality blinds at affordable prices. You can choose from either wood, vinyl or fabric materials, and there is an excellent variety in terms of styles and colours. It would help to compare prices at different stores to get the best blinds for your house within your budget specifications.

9. Style Options

There are numerous stylish options available for roller, cellular and roman shades that will suit any odd-shaped windows. You can choose from a wide range of colours, prints, and patterns to find the perfect one that will go well with the décor of your room.

10. Consider Energy Efficiency

As you choose blinds, you should consider blinds that have thermal efficiency features to help maintain your room temperature and save on energy bills. Cellular, roller, or roman shades are great for this purpose as they can be opened and shut like windows, thus providing numerous insulation options.


Blinds are an essential part of any house. They provide you with to control the amount of light entering your room while keeping energy bills low. Thus, if you have odd-shaped windows, make sure you consider each feature in this article when choosing blinds for your windows and enjoy a good night’s sleep.



Rachel Sterry