Who doesn’t love giving their home a stylish new look? Decorating is a fun activity that allows you to show off your creativity and display your personality through the look and feel of your home. But did you know, that you can improve the look of your home and make it more efficient at the same time?

Well, read on, as we’ve gathered three excellent ways that you can use décor in your home to help improve it’s efficiency and ultimately cut down the size of your utility bills this year.

Use Your Window Shades To Insulate Your Windows

Having an insulated home can slash your heating bills in the Winter time, as it’s harder for heat to escape your home and for the cold to enter it. But unfortunately, fully insulating your home with in-wall insulation and loft insulation can be quite a costly project, but you can still make your home more energy efficient by insulating your windows.

Uninsulated windows will negatively effect your home’s energy efficiency, so you should look to insulate your windows with thermal insulating blinds, these will help trap warmth on the inside of your home and block cold air from entering your home through your windows. All in all, just by upgrading your home’s window blinds, you can instantly increase your home’s efficiency by quite a bit.

Paint Your Radiators To Boost Its Efficiency

More than likely, the radiators in your home have a white finish, most radiators do. While white may be the standard colour for radiators, the colour white is the most reflective colour, which means that your radiator will not be as efficient at staying warm as it could be. So, to increase the efficiency of your radiators, you should look ta giving them a different coloured finish.

Just painting your radiator any colour other than white, will help improve how well your radiator holds heat, which means you don’t need to run it as high or for as long to get the same level of heating. In terms of what colours hold heat the best, any colour except white will be an improvement, but dark colours like black will work the best at keeping heat in.

Modernise Your Home’s Lighting To Reduce Energy Bills

If you’ve had the same lighting in your home for the past few years, you may be missing out on savings thanks to newer, more energy efficient light bulbs. If you have old style halogen, filament, or even older efficient light bulbs you could be using more electricity than you actually need to, to light your home.

Upgrading your old lightbulbs to newer LED lightbulbs can save you a pretty penny on your electricity bills, as they use a lot less energy than other lightbulbs. But the savings aren’t just limited to the cost of keeping the lights on, but these newer LED bulbs also have a longer lifespan than other types of bulbs, meaning that you’ll have to replace them far less frequently.

Luke Johnson