Lack of proper sleep can affect you physically and mentally. If you are struggling to sleep lately, it could be that your sleeping environment does not provide you with the perfect sleeping conditions. While there are plenty of strategies you could implement to fall asleep, they don’t work well if you lack the proper sleeping environment.

Here are 7-bedroom essentials needed for a goodnight’s sleep

A high quality, comfortable mattress

This is one of the most important things for a good night’s sleep. The type of mattress you have can determine how you feel when you go to bed or when you wake up in the morning. Old saggy, lumpy, dusty and squeaky mattresses can ruin your quality of sleep. You will wake up sore, with allergies, feeling unrested, with aching body parts and many other serious issues.  If you want to improve your quality of sleep instantly, you will need a quality mattress.  Good, quality mattresses like the ones from Sleep Number are comfortable prevent any sleeping interruptions, and improve your sleeping cycles so you wake up feeling fresh and well rested.

Eye mask/ sleep mask

Human brains have internal clocks that are hard-wired to associate darkness with sleep and light with staying awake. This is why when darkness hits in, our brains produce melatonin, the hormone responsible for our sleep and wake cycles. If you live in an extremely lit environment that is out of your control, consider getting eye masks. They keep out excessive light, which signals your brain it is sleep time. With an eye mask you can get deep, quality sleep throughout the night.

Black out curtains

Black out curtains are the more expensive version of the eye mask. Living in well-lit neighborhoods with glass houses like condos can expose you to much unwanted light during the night. This may mess with your quantity and quality of sleep. Getting blackout curtains may be solution to keeping out the light during the night.

A yoga mat

A few minutes of yoga and stretching can really improve your quality and quantity of sleep. Doing yoga is a great way to wind down your day and get ready for bed.  Yoga combines physical exercise, attentiveness and focused breathing to give you relief, improve your mental and emotional health therefore giving your quality sleep.


It seems like nothing, but a humidifier can make a big difference when it comes to your health and the quality of sleep. During winter the air becomes dry and cold, causing many issues including dry eyes, dry nasal, dry itchy skin, chapped lips, worsened allergy and Asma, or even sore throat.  Humidifiers add warm moisture to the air, making it easier for you to breath therefore giving you a food night’s sleep. They prevent dry sinuses and promote mucus production for easier breathing while you sleep.

Clean, comfortable sheets

Going too long without cleaning your sheets can impact your quality of sleep greatly. Dirt, and other common allergens like mould, pollen and pet hair may be stuck to your sheet, causing some allergic reactions and preventing a good night’s sleep. Clean your sheets at least weekly to get rid of dirt, smells and allergens and increase your quality and quantity of sleep.

If you are using the wrong kind of pillow, it could make you uncomfortable and keep you awake through most of the night. Find the right kind of pillow for your sleeping positions and needs to improve your sleep.

Make sure you get breathable sheets – The main reason we use blankets and sheets in the first place is to get warm. However, if you get too much warmth, you will have trouble falling asleep.  Sheets and blankets made from natural materials like linen and cotton are less likely to trap excessive heat therefore keeping you comfortable and at a good temperature throughout the night.

A white noise machines

While not so much an essential, white noise machines can change the way you sleep. They are known to help people fall asleep faster and for longer.  With a white noise machine, you can block out noise from the outside, the next room or even sleep with a snoring partner.

Final word

If you are having trouble sleeping, it could be that you are stressed or that your bedroom is not designed into a contusive environment to aid in a good night’s sleep. This article includes a list of things that could potentially change your short, low quality sleep into a much-needed rest.

Rachel Sterry