When you’re designing and decorating a home, each room needs to offer something new. The property can soon feel somewhat dull and uninspired if there’s too strong a similarity of themes, tones, and ideas.

Consequently, every room must have its own distinct identity. Succeeding in this can be challenging, especially if you have little experience or each room has different specifications in terms of size and function. There’s also the risk of going overboard and creating a home design that feels disjointed instead of characterful.

Exciting decorative ideas are materialising all the time, and inspiration is plentiful. That said, a measure of finesse is required in this effort. If you need some tips, here’s how to make each room in your home feel distinct.

Let Somebody Else Decorate

Individuals have different tastes in room aesthetics. Giving others creative control of a space may yield extraordinary results if you live with friends or family.

Unfortunately, some argue that decorating a home isn’t good for a marriage today. Still, if you’re willing to compromise, that may even embolden your relationships. Making room for other people’s ideas and being open-minded will surely help you understand and appreciate one another. Contributions should always be welcome.

Remember that you can build on each other’s ideas and collaborate. Even if you’re a parent with kids, your children will have excellent ideas about how their rooms should be, even if their suggestions aren’t perfect. Be patient and kind, and keep in mind that any changes you make are reversible, so it’s not the end of the world if things go wrong at any stage.

Add or Change Mouldings

Mouldings are delicate additions to a room. They can be glorious to behold, too, despite often framing doors, windows, and the top and bottom linings of walls.

Some of these additions to your home can reach out to the past. For example, this range of original period mouldings would make a fine addition to your home, especially if it’s an older property. From 1714 to the present day, there is a range of themed offerings here that can accentuate the historical style of your property. You can also find period doors and rails with the aptly named Period Mouldings business too.

The details of a room can reinforce character. It helps establish consistency in your ideas and brings them full circle as if everything has been accounted for. Consider the mouldings in your room if you want each to be an impressionable statement.

Include Accents

Accents are acute additions to a room that can stand out from the rest of the décor. They are plentiful, so you can spread them out over the entire property.

Home décor accents refer to items like mirrors, blankets, artwork, chairs, and pillows. They can add texture and colour and ultimately make a space feel more dynamic for their inclusion. Often, they are what helps a room feel lived rather than generically assembled.

Do some independent research to decide what accents speak to you and your friends and family the most. Choose them in close accordance with the rooms you’ve already partially designed. There are endless potential combinations here, so be meticulous and take your time.

Claire Preece