My job has led me to work all over the world, in Asia in particular. Having worked in some of the so-called business capitals of the world, I realized Singapore is not as big and scary as it may seem to other people.

One challenge we can often face is finding a good workspace. Your home is not usually suitable if you want to allow your brain to function at its highest capacity and get your work done on time. At home you are surrounded by constant distractions. For example, the dog took a shit on your brand new white carpet, or your daughter wants you to play hide and seek with you and so on. I’m sure you all have your own experiences with distractions. It is obvious that these small daily distractions and disturbances can completely destroy your productivity on that day. So a clean, tidy and disturbance-free working space is for sure a must for you.

My most common place to be working is in Asia, Asia Pacific to be specific. I tend to spend a lot of my time here. A day never goes by without me feeling grateful for having the opportunity to work in such amazing multicultural countries, and of course taste such amazing food. When I am in a new place I will always go for co-working spaces. Ideally, I like them to be serviced on top of that. Whenever it’s time to leave my current location, a couple of months prior to leaving I’ll have a look on a few websites to find some good co-working spaces. I wanted to get a serviced office in singapore. This was not my first time in Singapore, so I knew that osdoro would be a great website to use in search of a good working space.

On osdoro you can easily search your location, even by adjusting it to the area of the city you want to be based in. When undergoing your search for a space you can also see what’s close to the office you are looking at. For example, I wanted to be based in Marina bay as close as possible. Marina bay is extremely beautiful, modern and just generally a well maintained area of Singapore. I also needed to be close to shops and the metro station as I do not own a car. Being able to see your desired office on the map first can help you to make your choice.

If you cannot find exactly what you are looking for, osdoro has a service where you can enter your requirements and as soon as something comes up with their specifications osdoro will personally notify you about it. I haven’t used this service yet, but one of my acquaintances has many times, he’s just a bit picky I guess.

Each client has a dedicated concierge, who understands the city and knows their way around it like the back of their hand. They can actively take you on a tour to find the best place for you to set yourself and your colleagues up. Osdoro also covers lots of requirements, whether you’re a lone freelancer looking for a professional place to do your work or a young startup team of 20. Osdoro can cater for various kinds of businesses.

They have many spaces available from co-working spaces, serviced or private offices, hot desks, interview rooms and function rooms. I really do think they cater to a wide range of people, and this makes the atmosphere in the buildings so motivating and gives me so much drive to see such young and aspirational young people around me.

Another great advantage is the live chat. I’m sure that you’ve used a company’s live chat before and not had the best experience. I spoke with Michelle and she was extremely knowledgeable about the company when I first contacted her. She definitely put me at ease about my new start in a new city.

It seems that for companies wanting to improve the connection between employees, using a co-working space is definitely a great idea. Being behind a laptop screen and not having a real physical conversation can be unproductive sometimes. I have also had many misunderstandings due to not being in the same room with the person I was talking to.

One thing I would say is, make sure that you are financially ready to start renting out a space. Yes, I understand it’s a very attractive idea, but you need to think about it in the long term. I see many very young businesses, which are spending so much money on having a nice space, when they could alternatively be putting that back into the business and just work from home. Don’t lie to yourself and be rational as it will pay off massively in your and your business’s future.

Sam Allcock