Since antiquity, people of all backgrounds have been fascinated by marble. Its sturdiness helped some protect themselves, while its intricate textures provided a sense of aesthetic to sculptors and architects alike. So, for centuries after centuries, marble remained integral to home decor, albeit the most luxurious ones. Its natural veining patterns and typical nuances in textures exude aristocracy of the highest level, a certain elegance comparable only to royalty. So, when some exciting innovation makes it possible to create the marble-look porcelain tile, it offers an ingenious way to decorate home floors and give them a fabulous makeover.

Why choose porcelain tiles that look like marble?

Porcelain stoneware tiles are a type of floor tile that is non-porous, compact and sturdy. They are made using high-quality stoneware materials sourced naturally in a sustainable way. During the manufacturing process, the structural malleability of these particles allows their aesthetics to be reimagined. Therefore, porcelain stoneware tiles can inspire to other materials such as marble, wood, concrete, bricks, etc.

Marble-look porcelain tiles. These floor tiles are manufactured using stoneware particles with innovative techniques to embellish natural vein patterns and textures. The gorgeous tile surface enables ambitious designs to become a reality, even enhancing them with seductive bespoke solutions. In addition to the various natural soft shades, marble-look stoneware tiles also come in black, brown, and grey. Furthermore, these floor tiles get a polished finish that enhances its typical whorls and natural hues in most cases.

Marble-look porcelain tiles are sturdy and versatile

It’s obvious to get seduced by exuberance of marble look tiles. But do they hold up against the rigour of daily usage? Can they withstand the foot traffic of a busy home floor, such as the kitchen? If you were wondering about all these, the answer is a resounding yes.

While exuding the classiest look of stones, marble-look floor tiles also come with all the practical benefits of high-quality ceramic tiles. They are robust and offer an incredible bending strength, making them strong enough to withstand heavy foot traffic. They are also excellent at resisting heat and sudden changes in temperature, which proves immensely valuable somewhere like the kitchen floor. Add to that their unrivalled water-proofing or humidity resistance, and you have got the perfect material to furnish your bathroom floor.

And finally, stoneware tiles are also easy to clean.

It is inherent in porcelain stoneware tiles to resist dirt, stains and scratches, which keeps them anew for longer. Eventually, it also makes them less prone to cleaning. But when you do need to clean them, you can do so with a single sweep of your regular cleaning brushes and detergents. You don’t even need to invest in any fancy tiles-cleaner or anything similar.

Rachel Sterry