Many people want the wooden flooring, marble features, and patterned tiles they see in magazines. Replicating these floor designs can be too expensive for you. You may miss out on more affordable, high-quality flooring options.

Amtico flooring can provide the elegant, affordable, and exquisite options you need. You can get them from select stores across the U.K.

This post will help you discover why Amtico flooring options can transform your living room into the stylish space you desire.

What Is Amtico Flooring?

Amtico is a British company that makes elegant LVT (luxury vinyl tiles) for homes. The business offers various styles, colours, and patterns. The extensive range of options ensures everyone finds LVT that suits their style. You may fit the vinyl tiles on different underfloors, including stone, concrete, and timber.

Why Choose Amtico Flooring?

Choose Amtico flooring options to enjoy their many benefits.

  1. Made in Britain: Amtico flooring products are from their factory in Coventry. This facility is among the best flooring manufacturing locations worldwide. They use their experience spanning over 50 years to produce elegant, high-quality LVT. You’ll promote the British trade industry if you choose their products.
  2. Robust and durable: Amtico flooring tiles go through their heat-compressed layering. This process sets Amtico’s LVT apart from similar products. It makes them strong, resilient, and elegant. You’ll enjoy their 25-year warranty, ensuring the LVT lasts longer than this period.
  3. Easy to maintain: Maintaining some floors can be challenging. You have to use specific reagents, scrub for long to clean them, or need frequent repairs and replacements. You don’t have to worry about these issues with Amtico flooring. The LVT is easy to clean, and it doesn’t get stained by everyday items. It also lasts for extended periods.
  4. Warm, quiet underfoot: Amtico’s unique structure helps its LVT to absorb sound. This capability ensures your space is peaceful and calm. The LVT is also warm and soft for your underfoot. You’ll enjoy it if your family’s busy at home.
  5. Gorgeous designs: Amtico offers an extensive range of high-quality, elegant flooring designs. Choose the pattern that fits your style to get the fabulous finish you want in your living room. You’ll get the unique, traditional, or modern style you prefer. Choose from over 25 shades developed to complement one another.
  6. Scratch and water-resistant: Amtico LVT is resilient. This characteristic makes it appropriate for the busiest of living rooms. You may also consider it for other areas in your home because it is water-resistant.
  7. Underfloor heating: Amtico’s LVT can be appropriate if you want to install it with underfloor heating systems. The floor won’t crack or warp. This feature sets Amtico flooring apart from other models you can get if you have underfloor heating.

Getting the perfect flooring option for your living room is vital. Amtico flooring offers many benefits that you’ll enjoy if you choose their product. Choosing it enables you to get strong, durable, easy to maintain, gorgeous, and affordable flooring. You will be happy if you install it in your living room.

Sam Allcock