Today, technological advancements have pushed us beyond the boundaries of out-of-box creativity. It has forced us to make new inventions and fasten the development in every field. People are willing to try new things and move out of their comfort zone. There are specific implications of the same. 

In the era of technology and smartphones, people have access to every single thing going on the planet. They can swipe to find the best wedding outfits to learn new things. This has given rise to more knowledge distribution about several things. One aspect of this knowledge is that people have now become more proactive in fitness and health. 

People are caring for themselves, searching for what is best for their health. From sleeping patterns to what to eat, everything gets decided with a click. As a result, food has become a significant thing that comes under the radar. The food contained in a glass jar becomes a revolutionizing point around the whole fitness-conscious area. 

Several materials are used for packaging food. Some of these are aluminum boxes, glass, plastic boxes & containers, steel containers, etc. It is essential to get the best containers for packaging food items. 

Different Food Storage Containers & Container Material

Following are different types of food storage containers material. These possess unique properties, as discussed in detail below. (For travel purposes, aluminum foils are also considered food packaging materials, but they do not come under container materials.)

  • Plastic containers

For most of you, plastic containers will be the best and the go-to option for fast food packaging. Plastic has the property of longevity. Also, it does not spread the smell of the food contained in it. But, once the plastic gets heated up, the food is prone to leakage and damage. 

Moreover, plastic containers must be free of substances like BPA (Bisphenol A). If the compound is present in the plastic, it will lead to the improper functioning of hormones in the body. About the durability, most of the plastic food containers can withstand the heat of a dishwasher. Some of the plastic containers cannot resist the same as a result of which break out or fail to retain their shape. 

  • Glass containers

A glass food container is a better option when we compare the same with plastic containers. These are more sustainable & environment-friendly options. Also, glass is more durable than plastic, with the former being a good option for hot food storage. 

These containers give a great health angle as glasses are non-porous. This avoids the entry/permit of chemicals or harmful substances to your food. You can also store both types of food, i.e., acidic and alkaline, as it has a thick body. 

These kinds of containers can also be cleaned easily without losing their shape. Glass storage containers can also be used as a good option for storing food for a long time in refrigerators due to their bulky and heavy material.

For travel purposes, these remain to be best for storing food. A significant disadvantage of these types of containers is that they can be easily broken down. Therefore, you should carry this with utmost care. 

  • Stainless steel containers

This option is becoming the modern-day option for food storage. Keeping in view its eco-friendly property, many people take this as a perfect option for food storage. They can withstand the odour of the food and do not affect the food or its taste. They are long-lasting as they can be cleaned easily using a dishwasher without compromising on the shape of the container.

But there are some disadvantages of these types of containers. Stainless steel is not a transparent object. This makes it difficult to see what is inside the container or box. Apart from this, you cannot heat the food in the microwave or oven in these containers. 

  • Copper food containers

These are the oldest form of food storage options. Traditionally, people used to store food only in copper containers. There were many reasons for the same.

Firstly, copper as a component helps in avoiding bacteria affecting the food. These containers are of a firm built-up. Therefore, you can store most of the food items except fruits. Also, these are outstanding options to hold hot food as they have a robust metallic body. 

Additionally, these containers provide aesthetic appeal to the people. These can also be used as showcases in old kitchen themes or house themes. 

  • Ceramic food storage containers

Considered one of the safest and most hygienic food storage materials, you can quickly heat the material in such containers using an oven. Similar to glass, these are non-penetrable, which makes them free from bacteria. Ceramic containers can also be designed and coloured, making them the visually perfect choice. These will come slightly costlier than other containers. 

Best Food Storage Options

Considering the above details, every food container type has its advantages and disadvantages. If you are looking for a sustainable option, glass containers can be the most suitable option. If you are looking for visual attraction, ceramic containers will be the perfect match. If you are looking for low-cost containers, plastic boxes will be your go-to option. 

But analyzing all the options, glass containers offer diverse characteristics that make them the best overall choice to consider. It offers health-conscious people the right hygiene level. Moreover, it gives excellent usages in terms of its storing capacities of almost every type of food. You can easily buy wholesale glass food storage containers that will yield you cheap rates as well. 


There are a lot of things above health-conscious factors when deciding on food storage containers. Apart from the health aspect, people depend on factors like how long the container can be used, whether the food can be heated in the oven, whether the storage container can be recycled in the long term, etc. 

Scientists are also trying to invent storage containers from tree materials like bamboo, etc., to give back more to nature. Such options will create more organic opportunities that will eventually save cost and time. 

Rachel Sterry