Air Conditioning systems have become an integrated part of our homes. It’s like we barely can’t function without them. Especially for those living in scorching hot Frisco, Texas, it’s important to keep an eye on the functioning of your in-home cooling system. If your AC has broken down or are giving you some problems, then it’s time you phoned a qualified aircon repair company.

With the amount of companies claiming to deliver quality repair and replace work, it can be difficult to pin-point which one you should hire. If you want to hire an excellent company that will be able to assist your AC needs for many years to come, you should ask them some or all of the following questions for clarity:

What Brands Do You Work With?

There are loads of different brands and HVAC systems and types available on the market. To ensure that the company in question have access to quality branded air conditioners and systems, you should ask them which brands they offer.

Most often, companies will work with a few of their favorite brands. This means that all technicians working for the company will understand the engineering and design of certain brands. In the same way as you wouldn’t allow a Mercedes mechanic to work on your BMW, you wouldn’t let a technician repair an AC unit that they aren’t knowledgeable on.

What Products Do You Offer?

For a complete HVAC solution, you can consider a company that offers many different products. Companies like Airview have many different products available to their customers, ranging from duct free systems and gas furnaces to air conditioners and humidifiers.

What New Technology Systems Would You Recommend?

Companies who stay up-to-date will be able to recommend new systems and devices within the industry. This could either be an extra system that you can add onto your current one or an entire replacement of your old unit.

Things like more energy efficient units and smart thermostats are currently all the rave.

Is My Current System Energy Efficient?

Because you’ll be running your system almost 24/7 during hot Texan summers, you will need a unit that is energy efficient and friendly to the environment. Old units will most probably not be as energy smart as current models. When your technician comes out for the initial assessment, you can ask them to assess the energy efficiency of your current unit. They can advice an upgrade or repair your current unit to be more energy efficient.

What’s Your Physical Address?

This might sound like a personal question, but nowadays you can never be too sure. Ask the AC repair company whether they have an actual physical address. Credible, experienced, and well-established AC repair companies will have a physical office where they store tools, meet clients, and run their business from.

Once they’ve given you the address, make sure that you double check its legitimacy.

Are You Certified?

In order for AC technicians to perform their tasks legally, they need to carry a license and certification. It’s important to ensure that the company is eligible to work with dangerous refrigerant gas. Therefore, they should carry a certification similar or equivalent to an EPA or NATE (North American Technical Excellence).

Learn more about technician certifications and licensing here:

For How Many Years Have You Been Operating?

The longer the company has been in business, the better. AC repair companies that are well-established, have more experience in dealing with different types of AC issues. They’ll most definitely have a great training program for new technicians and have highly qualified older technicians on their team.

What Will the Entire Cost Be for the Repair?

You should make sure that the administration staff gives you a full and accurate quote before hiring the team. Ask them if there are any hidden costs like service fees or administration fees that will be added onto the initial repair costs?

Also find out how the company wants to receive payment. Can you pay a deposit before the job is completed and then the rest once you are satisfied with their work?

Asking the right kinds of questions will guarantee a smooth transaction.

Claire Preece