An outdoor umbrella keeps you and your furniture safe from the sun.

You don’t have to be restricted to indoor living when you have a beautiful expansive lawn. When the sun is out, and the flowers are blooming, an afternoon outside is exactly what you need to feel refreshed and relaxed. That is why many turn their gardens into an outdoor living space. Besides the fact that it’s a great place to unwind after a long day or week at work, it’s also a joy to design it.

An outdoor living space is perfect for lounging.

But how do you turn your garden into a beautiful outdoor living space? How do you design one from scratch? Generally, the design choices are based on your preference. But these are several essentials that you should consider.

Comfortable Chairs

Perhaps the most important elements you need to consider when designing an outdoor living space is comfort and protection.

Have the same standard when you’re choosing a sofa for your outdoor space that you would for your indoor living space. You’ll want something that you can spend hours sitting comfortably on.

You’ll also want to ensure it’s durable since it will be exposed to a variety of elements, especially the sun. Sofas and chairs made from teak or powder-coated metal could be great choices. However, you can also purchase furniture covers.

Play around with the sitting arrangement based on your space. If you don’t have a bigger lawn, a two-seater light Kubu rattan sofa is a great choice. Then you can add single-seaters, such as a Verro outdoor dining chair or a Pine and Jute Fisherman Ottoman to complete the look of your space.

Protection from the Elements

When it comes to protection against outdoor elements, you add a large outdoor umbrella to give you shade. This, plus strategically placing your outdoor living area in a shaded part of the lawn, could help protect you and the family, as well as the furniture from the sun and the rain.

An Airwave parasol is an excellent example of an outdoor umbrella. It’s great for a sitting area where you can relax or read a book.

If you can build a gazebo or a ceilinged area, the better. You can stay outdoors when it’s raining and even when it’s snowing.

You can also incorporate outdoor rugs, which are often made from durable, natural material. Put these under furniture to keep them dry and cool. Plus, it also completes the entire look of your outdoor living space.

An outdoor umbrella keeps you and your furniture safe from the sun.

Incorporating the Elements

Incorporating the elements in your design can complete the natural look of your space.

For fire, you can add a fire pit, which does not only make your space look cozier and inviting, it’s also functional. You can light it up during cold nights to keep you and your company warm. It also adds some natural lighting if you’re lounging outdoors after dusk or sunset. laying there when it’s dark.

For water, adding a water feature to your garden is guaranteed to increase your home’s appeal. Even a small fountain could make a huge difference. Plus, many believe that flowing water  cleanses your space of negative energy, so if you believe in that stuff, you’ll definitely want to add a water feature in your garden.

You can also add wind chimes, another common practice from the East, for that extra touch. Since you are enhancing your outdoor space make sure your lawn or garden is well maintained too.


Of course, no outdoor living space is complete without some lighting. Outdoor wall lamps go a long way in adding aesthetic appeal to your outdoor space while serving their very utilitarian function. It also gives you ample light should you wish to do a spot of reading outdoors.

There are tons of outdoor lighting available, but you can try the Philips Hue LED light strip to envelop your space with bright or coloured lights. You can also add fairy lights to plants to give your space a magical effect.

Tables and Decors

No living space is complete without coffee tables or centre tables, so you should also get some outdoor tables for your outdoor space. Just as with chairs, these too should be made from a durable material, such as resin wicker. Cape Town has a garden side table made from this very material that looks great in any outdoor setting.

Lastly, you can add statement decor pieces as you see fit. Match them with your furniture and the overall vibe you’re going for. Best of all, less is enough. Don’t scatter your living space with unnecessary trinkets.

Claire Preece