Architecture, lifestyle, and fashion trends change every year; sometimes even multiple times a year. This is an undeniable fact of the way social standards are structured. In all of this, however, there is one thing that seems to always be in style. You can find it in a museum or an old preserved house, you can see it in lifestyle and home décor magazines, and you can watch people buy it for their contemporary interior design based homes. This effortless and evergreen thing is a simple, albeit extremely gorgeous, Victorian door. 

 Victorian doors originate from the Victorian age and take after the style and architecture of that time. Despite the century or more difference between then and now, this style of door has remained a constant favourite among homeowners and renovators. Here are some of the reasons why Victorian style doors are always going to be trendy: 

1.    Simplicity 

This is the most important reason for the trend because these kinds of doors are often very simple and basic, and allow the homeowner to use a good quality, beautiful door without having it conflict with the interior and exterior design of the house. With trends of home décor changing, a good solid staple is a great safe bet to lessen the risk of any interior design elements clashing with each other. 

2.    Design

Victorian style doors have evolved to include sidelights and glass panels in them to allow the rooms and the houses in which they are used to become a lot brighter. For that very reason, people use these doors as a way to let light in without having to include more windows and openings in the house. 

3.    Material 

 Another reason for the never-ending trend of Victorian doors is the high-quality material most door manufacturers use. A solid wood door, such as an oak door, or a wood veneer door, such as an oak veneer door, modelled on the design of a Victorian door cannot only become stylish options, but also extremely long lasting ones that are worth the investment. While most Victorian doors of good quality are not cheap by any means, they are worth the initial investment due to the low maintenance cost, the longevity, and the fact that they will always be in style. 

4.    The Style

The best part about Victorian doors is that they retain their simplicity, but also allow you to amp up the design on the door as much as possible. Carvings, panels, and other design elements added to a Victorian door do not take away from its timeless beauty, but only serve to add to it and make it a more contemporary and more modern adaptation of a true classic.

You don’t have to be a fan of the Victorian age to appreciate the functionality and aesthetic appeal of a Victorian style door. In fact, chances are that you may just fall in love with the Victorian age if you invest in a good quality and well-designed Victorian style door.

Featured image:robertsharp [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Emily Bennet