Looking through the glossy magazines with photographs of beautiful houses can really make you stop and think about your own home and how it is sadly looking tired and a little old fashioned. Whilst it is possible to spend a fortune on modernising and changing things in your home, it is also possible to spend very little on creating a great new look that is both warm and welcoming.

Make a Warm Welcome

What better place to start than at the front door! First impressions do count and there are a number of ways to make the front of your property look tidy and inviting.

  • Is your paintwork looking weather beaten? Maybe a really good wash of the door and windows will do the trick, but if not, a fresh coat of paint will definitely look great. Fresh white paintwork looks clean and bright and you can choose one of the season’s trendy shades for the front door and window sills. This season’s favourite shades include dove grey, softest turquoise and pale blue.
  • If your house number should be in a museum, why not splash out on one of the fashionable new styles?
  • Are your fence panels in a bad way? A lick of wood preservative in a rich chestnut brown or dark oak will make them look like new in just a few hours – with the added bonus of helping to protect them from the great British weather!
  • Is your lawn past its prime? If you are losing the battle of trying to keep it looking nice, you can always cover the area with special matting and a thick layer of stones to create a completely new look that is perfect with a few colourful tubs of flowers.
  • Tidying up your front garden will make a big difference so get out the shears, give your hedges a good trim and plant some flowering shrubs in the flowerbeds. Choosing a colour theme such as purples and white can look very effective.
  • A couple of hanging baskets, either side of the front door is a great way to add instant colour.

Go Sleek in the Kitchen!

Study any magazine photographs and you will soon discover that one reason why the kitchens look so fresh and modern is because the work surfaces are clear except for a couple of coffee mugs and a vase of fresh flowers!

  • Changing kitchen cupboards is a very expensive option, but giving them a fresh new look is not! Give your cupboards a coat of paint and change all the door and drawer handles and they will look like new.
  • Spring clean your cupboards and have a real sort out of your utensils, china and glassware to create space. Clear all the work tops by putting food processors and other gadgets away.
  • Complete the fresh new look by adding some new curtains and maybe a café net at the window (charity shops and online are good hunting grounds).

The Living Room/Lounge

This should be a lovely comfortable room for relaxing in – with plenty of style too. Modern houses have a feeling of space and again are clutter free..

  • Large chunky pieces of furniture can take up a great deal of space, have you tried re-arranging the furniture to create more floor area? If you would like a new sofa and chairs but don’t have the funds, look in charity furniture warehouses and websites for a bargain second hand set. Alternatively, new loose covers are an alternative.
  • If you have lots of dark wood furniture, this can make the room look crowded and gloomy, but painting them a light colour will make them less obvious. Adding a really large mirror on the wall is a clever trick to make the room seem larger and it will feel brighter too.
  • Change your colour theme by buying some cushions and throws in your new shade and add tissues, flowers and throws that blend in.
  • give the room a really different look by making a feature wall using the latest in easy-to-apply peel off wallpaper or by painting it your chosen colour.
  • Change the lighting as this will make a big difference and clever lighting can accentuate certain features and create a lovely warm atmosphere.
  • Get rid of junk! If you do need some storage, do it the modern way with a selection of different sized hat boxes or ascending sizes of wicker baskets stacked in a corner.
  • Don’t forget the windows! Trendy new curtains or blinds will make a big difference – modern roller blinds are small so use several side by side to cover a large area.

The Bedroom

At the end of the day, what better than to relax in a beautiful oasis? More often than not though, the bedroom becomes a dumping ground for everything, so the first stage is definitely to streamline everything!

  • If you need more storage area, splash out on some under bed boxes or storage bags.
  • Choose a new colour scheme for your bedroom and get some throws and cushions in your chosen shade- don’t forget the windows and change the curtains too.
  • If your bed looks dated, change the headboard and you will think you have a new bed! Headboards are reasonably priced and there are if you are after a bargain, there are usually plenty in the charity warehouses.
  • Make your bed the trendy way! Don’t lay the pillows flat on the bed, but stand them up propped against the headboard (allow two pillows per person) add two square mock leather cushions (cream lace works well too!) in a diamond shape in front and a luxurious feeling throw across the bed about three quarters of the way down.
  • Treat yourself to some new lights to create a cosy ambience.

Give your Bathroom the Makeover it Deserves!

Your poor bathroom is the most used but most neglected room in the house, so it is time to give it a fresh  new look!

  • Tiles and grouting can son look dirty so give them both a really good clean. Carefully apply grouting whitener if needed.
  • If your tiles are in good condition but boring, they can be painted with special paint or decorated with transfers.
  • Choose a new colour scheme and buy a new shower curtain and towels in your chosen shade. Tissues and toilet paper can mirror the colour as can new bathroom curtains.
  • Is your bathroom dark and dull? Invest in some bright new ceiling lights.
  • If you have a walk-in shower, consider encasing it in a trendy glass cubicle.

There is so much that can be done to modernise your home and create a warm and welcoming character. These are all good suggestions if you are preparing to put your house on the market too, but be warned – you could well fall in love with your new look home and change your mind about moving.

What if I don’t want to Modernise my Home & Sell Up Instead?

For whatever reason, there will be people out there who can’t afford to invest in their or just don’t have the time to do it so they decide on selling up.

If you find yourself in this position and are looking for a quick sale remember there are companies like house buyers 4u who guarantee to buy any house in any condition. They may be the perfect solution to your home troubles!

Elliot Preece