The way we work has changed beyond all recognition in recent times. Most people are now in a position where they are working from home for the first time ever. With ditching the office set to become normality long term, it’s time to reimagine your home workspace or lack thereof.

One such solution is to build an outdoor home office, which can be constructed with relative ease in your garden. Having a dedicated professional space is paramount for any employee and or those who are self employed. 

From peaceful Zoom calls to needing a space to concentrate, an outdoor home office could hold the answer to all your WFH dilemmas. Here are 5 reasons why you need an outdoor home office to tell you more. 

It Feels Like A Workspace

There’s no doubt that working from home has a lot of advantages (the non-existent commute for one!). That being said, trying to work in the same space you normally eat, sleep or live in has its challenges. Plus if you have children or pets in the home, it can be pretty chaotic trying to manage both areas of your life at once. All the distractions could mean your focus isn’t on your work as it should be. 

It’s therefore clear that we all need a clear distinction between our working and living environments. An outdoor home office offers just that, meaning you can do everything you need to live and work without even having to leave your property. An added bonus is that it makes that rent or mortgage payment a lot more value for money when you consider you’ll be spending much more time at home now. 

Better Work/Life Balance

The benefit of having a workplace that’s not your living room is that when you’ve finished work, you return to an environment that’s well… not work! People who don’t have a dedicated work area lack this, meaning where you just had a tense conference call earlier is now where you are supposed to relax with your kids in the evening. The two just don’t compute! 

However, with an outdoor home office, you simply shut the door, walk through your garden and return to your home. Endless emails and stress are firmly left behind rather than remaining at the dinner table, which is where it would otherwise be if you’ve been working there all day. This allows you to view your living spaces as just that, rather than feeling as if you are still stuck at work. When that computer gets switched off, so do you. 

Versatile Spaces

Home offices are incredibly versatile spaces. As well as completing general day to day work in them, you can also use them as physical meeting spaces for your clients or colleagues. But here’s the thing, home offices aren’t just good for typing up spreadsheets! They can be customised to many useful purposes such as a fitness studio, beauty rooms, teaching facilities etc. 

This makes home offices suitable for a wide range of industries, and could even help you earn a second income outside of your regular job too. Plus, as we navigate economic uncertainty in these next few months, it also means you have an up and running office if you need one. This could prove invaluable should your industry be adversely affected by the situation. 

Stylish Design

Let’s face it, most traditional offices are dreary and dull. With that horrid, migraine-inducing yellow lighting to boot. With a home office, you can completely reimagine your work environment. From luxe furnishings to gorgeous natural materials, anything goes when it’s on your property! 

That includes adding plenty of natural light and of course, fresh air is seen as it’s an outdoor home office. If you thrive in your working environment, then you’re more likely to have better job satisfaction too. It could even see you perform better at your job as a result because you’ll feel more inspired and engaged. 

Added Value To Your Home

Having an outdoor home office in your garden will make your property more attractive to buyers too. This is especially the case if it’s built to a high spec. Think about it, if the buyer needs to work from home or has their own business, they don’t have to worry about where they are going to work from. Just like you, they need their needs meeting which is why an outdoor home office is so beneficial.

Whatsmore, it’s worth consulting your accountant as you could even be eligible for rebates or discounts on the cost of construction of your outdoor home office. You may also find that the increase in your property value could also pay for the construction in itself, making it truly win-win.

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