Not everyone lives in a huge home with a spacious kitchen. Many people reside in much cosier spaces. Whether you live in a modern flat or a quaint cottage, you probably don’t have a massive kitchen.

To make the most out of the space you do have, find a tradesman to help you implement these helpful design ideas for your kitchen.

Lighting is key

Every great cook needs light to see their work. Not only does a well-lit kitchen make it easier to watch your boiling water, but it also gives the illusion of more space. Avoid bulky floor lamps that take up space. Instead, hang pendant lights above work areas. These lights come in an array of shapes, colours, and styles. They will add visual appeal and function to your kitchen.

Hang pots from above

Cabinet space is a luxury in small kitchens. Instead of filling up the storage space you have with bulky pots and pans, install a pot rack instead. Hanging your pots makes them easier to find in a hurry, and it also transforms them into a culinary centrepiece for your kitchen.

Add an island

If your kitchen has a lot of unused space in the centre, fill it with a custom island. Even if your space is narrow, you can still install a small island or a rolling cart. Islands add much-needed counter space and storage. They also make the perfect place to enjoy afternoon tea with your mates.

Install a floating table

Eat-in kitchens are trendy, but if you have a tiny space, you may think adding a table is unreasonable. This is simply not the case. Install a floating table on an unused wall. Since these tables don’t have legs, they take up less space. If your kitchen is very narrow, find a tradesman who can install a table that folds away when it’s not in use.

Choose seating wisely

A great kitchen has plenty of seating. Even if you have a small space, you can still add more seats for guests. Barstools are a great choice. They tuck away from sight when not in use. Many styles even stack for easier storage. Pull up a barstool for a quick mug of coffee or casual dinner.

Go bold with colour

If you want to add some personality to your kitchen, do so with colour. Consider keeping the upper half of your kitchen neutral, and add some bold pops of colour to the bottom half. This will give the illusion of more space. Paint cabinets a bright colour, and pair this with a striking kitchen mat. If you ever want to change things up, all you’ll need to do is add a fresh coat of paint.

Make use of wasted space

Look around your kitchen. Do you see any gaps between appliances that aren’t being used? Consider adding a small table to create a workstation or dining area. It may become the perfect place for kids to study or for you to enjoy a meal for one.

Mix and match styles

Who says everything in your house has to match? Designers love to create a style cocktail out of different accessories. If you live in a rustic home, add some metal barstools against the exposed brick. Mix a marble countertop with a butcher block island.

Create your own storage

If you don’t have much cabinet space, create more storage by installing floating shelves. These shelves make the perfect place to display your dishes. Add a copper bar on the wall behind the range to hang pots. Display your plates like photographs behind the sink.

Stick with one colour

The smallest kitchens may feel busy or cramped if you include too many different patterns and elements. Instead, stick with a monochrome colour palette to help the room feel more open. Even white dishes and towels make small spaces seem bigger.

Close it off

If you have a one-wall kitchen that opens into the rest of your home, find a tradesman to install a sliding door to close it off when you’re not cooking. A door is the best way to conceal any dirty dishes or leftover messes when you have company over. They’re especially handy in tiny flats.

Let your appliances do the talking

Smaller kitchens often lack visual appeal. If you don’t want to repaint the walls, consider making your larger appliances the focal point. A colourful refrigerator, for example, will make a plain white kitchen seem exciting.

Embrace an outdated kitchen

Everything old is new once again. Instead of trying to hide your outdated kitchen by adding modern appliances, embrace the retro vibes it creates. Let your old appliances stand out against earthy tones from the 70’s. Add wallpaper with a bold pattern that reminds you of visiting your grandmother’s house.

Take advantage of the backsplash

You can find more storage space hiding behind the sink. A tile backsplash can help hold things for you. Add suction cups to keep cleaning supplies and sponges. You can even upgrade to a magnetic backsplash if you need somewhere to store your to-do lists or favourite recipes.

Elliot Preece