With summer drawing near, a lot of people are beginning to crave grilled food, especially grilled meat. No doubt, these foods have a kind of savour that is hard to resist. Their aroma can be smelled yards away and may be used to torture the neighbours. Just joking, don’t do that.

One thing a lot of people like about grilling meat is the build-up and patient wait for it to cook and done properly. The wait makes you crave it even more, and the aroma leaves your mouth watery as you anticipate chewing on that tender, delicious meat.

When served with wine and fresh vegetables, grilled meat becomes a very sophisticated meal both in its taste and look, as seen in many high-end restaurants. It is no wonder people are excited when they go out to eat them. Click here to learn more about vegetables for grilling.

There are various types of meat that can be grilled therefore, making a choice can be difficult. Although all meat taste great when cooked this way, some have proven to have a more superior taste when cooked on a grill. In this article, we’ll look at the five best types of meat you should definitely grill to enjoy your outdoor leisure this summer. They include:

  1. Beef kebabs
  2. Steak
  3. Pork
  4. Fish
  5. Chicken

Beef Kebabs

Kebabs can be gotten from the tenderloin or the filet mignon. Beef is considered kebab once its is skewered. To prepare them for grill, cut them up into cubes with about 2 inches in diameter. Once you’re done cutting them into shape, you can marinate or season them to your taste. It is important to note that the taste and flavour of kebabs vary significantly depending on the type of spices they are prepared with.

After prepping, it is time to grill the kebabs. It is recommended that the grill be preheated for about 15 minutes and its temperature set at around 230 degrees celsius to cook the meat properly. To save time, this should be done while skewering the meat. Once everything is ready, place the kebabs on the grill and add your desired vegetables for extra flavour. Kebabs should be not be overcooked in order to enjoy them as they become tender when cooked right.


When most people hear grill, the first thing that pops into their head is steak. Steak can be made with various parts of a cow. Parts like brisket, rib, and tenderloin are commonly used to make steak. However, we will be focusing on only brisket in this article.

Brisket is gotten from the lower breast of cow or veal. Its end is more tender as it is the part with most marbling. In culinary art, marbling is used to describe the white flecks of intramuscular fat in a cut of meat. Using the best wood pellet grills, grilling brisket can take up to six hours and it is considered cooked when they have an internal temperature of about 95 degrees celsius. Like other types of meat, its taste can be changed depending on the type of seasoning and spices applied on it.


Pork is known for being fatty and when cooked properly, can be very tender. Like beef, pig has several cuts of meat that taste differently, however, pork chops are a popular choice for most people.

When grilled with spices like cinnamon, the flavour of pork meat really comes alive and your taste bud will thank you for it. It should not be overcooked or else, it will become chewy, taking longer time to be crushed properly. As earlier mentioned, pork has plenty fat, therefore, people watching their weight may want to stay away from them. You do not want to ruin that perfect body you’ve worked out hard to flaunt this summer, do you?


Fish texture vary as some are much meatier than others. Fishes like tuna and swordfish have textures similar to pork chop while tilapia and flounder are milder. Although fish bought from stores taste great when grilled, you’ll find that freshly caught ones taste even better.

Before grilling fish, ensure that it is dry. If you have previously marinated it, dab on it with a clean cloth to dry out any drippings. This is important because wet fish will only steam and not sear when cooked on a grill. You can choose to place it directly on the grill or in a foil packet to cook. To add extra flavour, you may want to sprinkle some lemon juice on it right after it is taken off from the grill. Visit to learn more about the best types of fish to grill.


Chicken is the go-to option to play safe when grilling. Chicken is a versatile meat as its entire body can be grilled. Chicken is very tender when cooked properly and tastes even better when spiced with garlic.

Unlike other types of meat, chicken cooks much faster but requires frequent monitoring so they do not get burnt. It is considered to be well cooked when its internal temperature reaches 75 degrees celsius. Eat with salad to appreciate its taste even better.


In reality, you can’t go wrong grilling any type of meat, as they all have tastes that sets them apart from each other. That said, if your new to grilling, you may want to try your hands with chicken first before moving on to other types.

Claire Preece