Since the advent of the novel coronavirus pandemic, workers and students have spent vast amounts of time at home. This societal shift has placed increased emphasis on the need for designated workspaces, with home offices becoming an increasingly important feature of many homes.

Keeping workspaces tidy and organised can make all the difference in terms of productivity. This article explores some of the best ways to keep the home office clean, tidy and free from clutter, creating a quiet, organised space from which to work or learn free from distractions and hazards.

Deep Cleaning Office Desks

With people spending ever-increasing amounts of time in front of their screens, a desk is not just somewhere to work, but a place where many eat and drink. This not only results in crumbs and stains, but can also create a breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore, it is important to deep clean your workspace regularly, not just to leave it looking fresh and tidy, but also for hygiene reasons.

The best way to clean a desk is to clear the space completely, using an anti-bacterial spray and wiping surfaces with a damp cloth. With a hardwood desk, using bicarbonate of soda with a damp cloth helps to remove stains and marks – just make sure to leave plenty of time for the surface to dry before putting everything back.

Cleaning Keyboards

Computer keyboards are full of cavities where hair, crumbs, dust and dirt can accumulate, making it appear grubby in no time. By constantly touching the keys, we transfer oils from our skin, leaving the surface tacky and creating the perfect dust trap.

The keyboard is something workers use every day, and it therefore needs to be cleaned regularly. Before doing so, it is important to disconnect the keyboard from the power source, flipping it upside down and shaking away any loose dirt, before following up with a careful vacuum using the duster attachment.

A cotton bud or piece of paper towel dampened with anti-bacterial spray can be used to clean between keys and wipe across the surface, although it is important not to get the keyboard too wet.

Cleaning Office Chairs

To avoid an accumulation of dust, food and general dirt, office chairs need to be cleaned regularly.

Cleaning an office chair can be challenging due to the irregular shape and small cavities. A small hand-held vacuum cleaner can be a particularly useful tool to remove dust from fabric chairs. This can be followed up with a wipe down with a damp sponge or cloth.

Cleaning an office chair in this way every fortnight will not only keep the home office looking smart but will eliminate harmful bacteria, as well as extending the chair’s lifespan.

Create a Cleaning Schedule

In a small home office, post-it notes, junk mail and receipts can soon mount up. Like any task, cleaning is easier when broken down into a series of small parts.

Rather than allowing mess to accumulate to the point where tackling the mountain of unfiled paperwork becomes a herculean task, it is far better to maintain a regular routine, setting aside time for small tasks like emptying waste bins and filing, as well as scheduling regular deep cleans.

Setting aside just an hour a week can make a huge difference. Google Calendar alerts can be a helpful prompt.

Invest in Storage Solutions

Creating a clutter-free workspace is a must in terms of boosting motivation and productivity. Therefore, it is vital to ensure there is sufficient storage space so paperwork can be neatly filed away.

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Claire Preece