With the summer months and promise of warmer weather on the way, now is the perfect opportunity to take some time to improve your outdoor space ready for enjoying.

Plant Perennial Flowers

Perennials are a great flower type to plant in your garden as they will keep flowering year after year. This means less work for you and more enjoyment of your garden. The best time to plant them is spring or autumn, so you still have some time to do it! Because perennials remain in the soil, there is less yearly maintenance for you as you are not having to clear out flower beds and replant every year. If it is low maintenance you are going for, then why not plant some self seeding flowers too. This means that if you don’t dead head your flowers, they will turn to seed and drop to the ground, essentially planting themselves for the following year!

Create Garden Zones

A great way to improve your garden and maybe even make the space feel bigger is to create different zones within your garden. You could create an area for growing some fruit or vegetables, or have a designated area for the kids to play. Even a secret garden area with some outdoor benches where the adults can sit and enjoy a drink would really make a difference.

Outdoor Lighting

Adding some lights to your garden will also help create those garden zones. The benefits of adding some outdoor lighting include not only added security to your home, but you can also use it to highlight certain trees or shrubs, and it allows you to use your garden well into the summer evening once the light starts to fade. Why not add some festoon lights to your seating area, or even some smaller solar powered lights along the borders?

Dine Outdoors

If you’ve got the room, then one of the great things about having a garden in the summer is the entertaining and eating outdoors. You only need an outdoor table and some outdoor chairs and you are ready to entertain. Get yourself a BBQ and enjoy lunches and gatherings outside. An outdoor dining area could even be one of your designated garden zones.

Paint Garden Buildings

By adding a splash of colour to any outdoor buildings such as a shed, you are really adding to the aesthetic appeal of your garden. Rather than trying to hide a garden shed, paint it a bright colour and make it a real feature of the garden. And don’t stop at the shed. You could even paint the fence a bright colour, or a subtle shade of grey, to really enhance your garden space.

There are plenty of ways to really improve your garden this summer which will help you get the maximum enjoyment out of your outdoor space. Whether you are sitting and enjoying a book in the sunshine, or entertaining the family with a weekend BBQ, there are plenty of ways to enjoy your garden.

Luke Johnson