The conversation surrounding climate change has become an increasingly mainstream topic, with many experts urging the public to be more conscious about the impact they are causing on the environment. Many began making small switches in their lives to reduce the amount of waste they create, through carrying reusable bags with them, using travel mugs at coffee shops and thermal water bottles to reduce the amount of plastic they use.

Although the conversation has been on the rise for the last few years, the pandemic also shifted the way many individuals lived their life. The abundance of time allowed people to focus their attention on trying to help create a better and healthier world. In fact, according to a recent survey, 60% reported that they were working to make more ethical, environmentally friendly and sustainable purchases.

Implementing these changes into our daily lives is one step in the fight towards climate change. However, there are other ways to help in the fight, which include creating a house that is as energy-efficient as it possibly can be. One room in the house that uses the most energy in the kitchen.

During the winter months, many of us will spend most of our time indoors, improving our cooking and baking skills. With most appliances in the kitchen being used regularly, ensuring that they are as eco-friendly as possible will help in your fight against climate change.

Switch To Sustainable Materials

If you were planning to do a big renovation on your kitchen, with the hopes of updating your current cabinets and worktops, consider using sustainable materials. When replacing your cabinets, consider using solid timber – they come from a natural source and is a green and renewable resource you could use. The additional benefit of using solid timber to create cabinets in your kitchen is that they can be easily repaired and repainted if and when needed. Something almost impossible to do with laminate or vinyl-wrapped doors. If in the future you wanted to update the kitchen slightly, you could add a fresh coat of paint on the solid timber cabinets to brighten them up or change their current colour completely. Additionally, they are an excellent choice when it comes to durability and longevity in a sustainable kitchen, which will also save you a bit of money in the long run.

As for your countertops, look for FSC timber (or Forest Stewardship Control). This means that the countertop timber is a certified time that has been harvested and processed in one of the most environmentally friendly and responsible manners possible. Also, the forests in which the materials were from are all responsibly managed with the highest environmental and social benefits taken into consideration.

Invest In Energy-Efficient Lights

Although using as much natural light as possible is one the best ways to brighten up space, there are those gloomy days where your kitchen will require that little extra light. Adding energy-efficient lighting will not only brighten up your kitchen but will also reduce the amount of energy required. LED lights are becoming an increasingly common light to have in the kitchen, with numerous lighting companies offering a vast range of kitchen lighting options to choose from. Whether you are looking for LED strip lights to go underneath your cabinets or spotlights, there is an eco-friendly option available to choose from.

Consider Energy-Efficient Appliances

The kitchen is one room in the home that uses a significant amount of appliances. As you look to make the space as green as possible, it will be worth investing in energy-efficient appliances. When looking at your options, appliances will have an energy-efficient rating, which ranges from G to A+++. Appliances that are the most sustainable will have a rating of A+++, whilst that least energy-efficient will have a rating of G.

With a demand for more energy-efficient products and appliances, most countertop appliances such as kettles, toasters and microwaves, have A+++ ratings.

For larger kitchen appliances, such as cooking appliances, opting to have an induction hob will be the most energy-efficient choice. Compared to traditional or gas stoves, an induction hob has numerous benefits including heating water far quicker, saves you energy, time and money.

Create A Cost-Effective Kitchen

The initial cost for implementing sustainable materials or purchasing energy-efficient lights and appliances might seem costly at first. However, when looking at the costs in the long-term, energy-efficient lights and appliances will help you to see a difference in your monthly bills. Since they require less energy, the cost it takes to power these appliances are also reduced.

All the sustainable materials used to help transform your kitchen will save you money in having to repair them or replace them in the years to come. They can easily be adapted, such as a change in colour, to meet your changing style and tastes.

If one of these changes is added to your kitchen or all of them, each is a step in the right direction. Not only will you have an eco-friendly kitchen, but you will also have a freshly renovated space that guests will enjoy spending time in when they come to visit.

Claire Preece