Listen, I get it. After being trapped indoors for an entire season, you’re sick to death of being cooped up in the house. You’re sick of staring at the same four walls. You’re sick of huddling in the dark. You’re sick of the lifeless, stale air. Sick, sick, sick.

That’s okay. You don’t have to throw the proverbial baby out with the bath water. Before you start trawling the market for Charlotte houses for sale, why not try the following suggestions for freshening up your home for the spring?

Throw Back the Curtains & Let in the Light

Winter is dark and cold, and the days always seem to end way too early. It’s enough to make anyone do their best bear impersonation and try to hibernate through the entire season. Consider spring to be the morning wake-up call to your winter slumber, then. It’s time to finally throw back the curtains and crack open the windows.

Spring means longer daytime hours, so soak up that sun as much as you can. Let it fill your home, transforming it from the cave of a sleeping bear to a wide open space. Natural light not only makes every room of your home look better, it also makes you feel better. Sunshine provides your body with much-needed Vitamin D, which helps to boost energy and elevate mood.

Clean Out Your Gutters & Mend that Roof

Between hanging snow, icicles, rain, sleet, dead leaves, and hard-blowing winds, winter is especially tough on roofs and gutters. Missing shingles and overstuffed gutters can cause leaks, which can result in mold growth and structural damage. That’s why you should take advantage of spring to get an early start on maintenance and repairs.

Mending your roof regularly in the spring and summer not only helps to heal the injuries of the previous winter, it also helps prepare it for the next one. More importantly, it keeps small problems from growing into big ones. Putting off yearly maintenance might save you some money now, but it could end up costing a lot more later.

Add Some New Plants Both Inside & Out

There’s a reason people often say “Spring is in bloom,” and it’s because now is the perfect time to add some new plants to your home. Being able to let in more fresh air and natural light means that indoor ferns and flowers can get all the nourishment they need to brighten up your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or foyer.

If the winter was a harsh one, you may need to rehabilitate your lawn by getting rid of dead grass, aerating the soil, and laying down some fresh fertilizer. Once that’s done, consider installing some new outdoor plants. A small tree adds shade and beauty to any property, and shrubs and flowers are great for lining pathways. You can even start your own herb or vegetable garden to help provide tasty meals throughout the coming summer.

Sam Allcock