If you’re struggling for space in your home you may begin to think of relocating to a bigger property, a leading factor for moving homes is upgrading living space areas, however you may want to consider the idea of a loft conversion.

The following article will explore all the reasons why you should consider converting your loft in opposed to relocating homes, the pros of a new loft conversion & the costs that may follow.

  • Maximise Space

If you’re struggling to find space in your home, you may consider looking elsewhere and moving properties, however moving is costly, and often comes with the additional fees such as legal expenses, surveys expenses and the cost to redecorate & refurnish. With the average cost of moving properties being roughly £8,885 which can vary depending on location and home type.

Having a loft conversion can often be an easier alternative, avoiding the stress & hassle of moving whilst also saving time, there’s no need to up-route your family or find the perfect home which on average takes 3-6 weeks to find a property and an additional 4-8 weeks of the buying process.

Loft conversions can create an additional room for your home, whether you’re looking for an additional bedroom with an en-suite, a play-area for the kids, an office space or simply a storage area.

  • Added Value To Your Home

Converting your loft can add roughly between 15- 25% added value to your property, this means if and when you do decide to move you will likely have a higher offer than originally paid, making a good return on your investment.

  • Alternative to Extension

Unlike having an extension, a loft conversion does not require planning permission, unless you’re planning on altering the exterior of your home, you’ll likely not need to ask permission to make the changes, meaning that you’ll save time on waiting on the ‘go-aheads’. Also when considering the cost of an extension you’ll likely be looking at between £30,000 to £38,000 for a 20msq extension. Whereas a simple velux starts at £15,000 and a larger dormer can begin at £20,000.

  • Save Money on Energy Bills

Loft conversions are a brilliant way to insulate your home, when having a conversion reinforcements are made to the walls & ceilings which adds insulation to your home, keeping the extra warmth trapped in will save you money on your energy bills for years to come.

  • Your Own Design

Unlike shopping for a new home, a loft conversion can be altered to the exact design you’d like. It’s often difficult to find a home with everything you want, you’ll almost always compromise on one element, however adding a loft conversion to your existing home may be the perfect solution. You can design your loft in whichever way you want, meaning the room is yours to add additional features & utilities to. Where you’re looking for a bedroom & en-suite and require additional plumbing help, or an office space with multiple electrical plug-points, your loft conversion specialists will guide you through the process and find the additional traders you’ll need to create your dream room.

As you can see, there are a number of reasons having a loft conversion can save you time & effort whilst thinking about additional space for you and your family. Designing your own loft conversion is not only fun, but an effective way to get everything you want from one room, and increase the value of your home at the same time. Get in touch with your local loft conversion providers for a quote regarding your home, they’ll be able to provide you with all the relevant information, such as, what conversion your loft is eligible for, the rough estimated price & what the rooms possibilities are.

Sam Allcock