Installing kitchen cabinets is like adding an essence to your kitchen workspace. Different companies have different rates for installing kitchen cabinets but according to some expert sources, the average UK kitchen size is roughly around between 13 and 14 square metres and the average UK kitchen installation services cost is around £1,800, which is comparatively low while the average cost goes from £ 2,500 to the high cost of around £4,500.

More or less, kitchen installers and fitters charge this approximate amount to fit new kitchens because there are so many aspects to when you install the new kitchen cabinets to give it a lively feeling.

  • Material

One of them is the total cost of materials that gets quite high if we go for the more durable ones and then there are fitting materials as well such as screws and stoppers etc which also costs a lot.

  • Installation and Labour

Then comes the labour charges and installation charges. Installation is one of the most difficult tasks to do. That’s why labourers charge a lot for installing cabinets. As for the labour services, when you choose the products of high quality, you also want the services to be smooth and worthy. For high quality services, labourers charge pretty well.

  • Removal of old kitchen cabinets

And the most basic part is removing the old kitchen cabinets, which itself is a tricky and difficult task because the old cabinetry is removed all the way to get the new one fixed. It takes time and effort, that’s why the workers charge pretty well for this.

Rachel Sterry