Pool Table Covering – How to Decorate your Pool Table?

Since the first time the pool table was conceived, it has established itself as a vital part of any game room. It’s not just for billiards anymore either – foosball, air hockey and shuffleboard have joined the ranks of games played on this versatile piece of furniture. This is why decorating your pool table is so important! There are so many choices when it comes to decorating your pool table, for instance you can go with one theme or choose something fun and funky. Whatever look you desire, we’ve got some pool table covering ideas to get your pool d├ęcor started.

With the right pool table cover, you can create a pool or billiards room that’s worthy of envy. You don’t need to be an interior designer to know how easy it is to change the look and feel of your pool decor with just this one accessory. No matter if your pool area is lacking flair, we’ve got some pool table covering ideas that will give it a facelift and make it shine like new!

What Type of Pool Table Covering Should I Buy?

When choosing pool table covering options, there are so many different styles out there from which you can choose – denim, brocade, leather and suede. But keep in mind before you go shopping that you have to take into consideration not just the pool table covering style, but also the pool table dimensions. For example, square pool tables are covered differently than round ones.

We carry pool table coverings in all different styles and sizes so it’s easy for you to find something that matches your tastes and needs. Our pool table covers will make an attractive addition to any room in your house! From billiard cover cloths, pool table pads or pockets, there is something out there for everyone at Table Cloths Factory.

Pool Table Covering Materials – What’s my Pool Table Material?

Table Cloths Factory has many different pool table covers crafted with materials like plastic, wood grain vinyl and laminated pool table vinyl. The pool table material you choose will of course, depend on the pool area of your home. For instance, if you have a pool table that is up against a wall which has windows behind it, a pool table cover with a wood grain-vinyl print would be ideal so as not to obstruct the view from inside!

The synthetic pool table materials always look great on any pool or billiard room floor, but they do require more maintenance than other pool tables as spills can stain them. Leather pool table covers are very cool and trendy as well as easy to clean and maintain. In fact, leather pool table covers are one of our bestsellers here at Table Cloths Factory. In addition to being available in a variety of colors and patterns, these pool table covers are waterproof and easy to maintain.

Pool Table Covering Ideas – How to Decorate with a Pool Table Cover?

A stylish, personalized billiard table is a great gift idea for anyone who loves pool. pool table covers only protect pool tables from dust, scratches and spills pool table felt is the playing surface of a pool table pool tables are measured in millimeters pool table felt comes in many colors pool felt is available with or without a backing pool table cloths cover pool tables pool table lights provide pool table illumination pool tables are available in a wide range of sizes pool table mats protect pool tables pool billiard balls come in many colors pool table rails protect pool tables pool cue racks hang on walls and store cues pool table cases store and transport pool tables pool supplies include chalk, cues, balls and more.


We hope that you have learned about pool table covering ideas from our pool table covering blog. We have done our best to teach you about pool table design and pool table cloths. It is important for you as a pool owner to choose the right pool table coverings so that your pool area always looks great!

Claire Preece