To your average homeowner, the concept of choosing between oil-filled, thermal and ceramic stone electric radiators – or a different central heating system altogether – is both confusing and alien. But there’s no doubt that oil-filled radiators offer unique benefits that should certainly be considered when the time to choose comes along.

What is an oil-filled electric radiator?

Unlike other forms of central heating where the radiators are part of a much larger system, oil-filled electric radiators are standalone units that can be installed almost anywhere you want. It uses electricity to warm up the oil inside, which then delivers heat to your home.

The benefits…

They’re versatile

Because they can be installed almost anywhere you want, it means you can focus on heating the rooms that need it most. Gone are the turn-dials of old – oil-filled heaters have modern control systems that make it easy to manage the precise temperature throughout the house. If you’re not planning to use a particular room, then you need not heat it up at all. Conversely, if you need one room to be warmer than the rest, you can turn the thermostat up in that room alone.

They’re easy to install and maintain, too – they don’t need to be bled or topped up with oil. All you have to do is plug them in and they’re ready to go from the off.

Warmth is evenly distributed and long lasting

Even after the radiator has been switched off, heat from the thermal fluid inside will continue to be given off for longer than it would with other radiators, so the effect lasts a long time despite using minimal energy.

They’re cost-effective

The precise nature of the control you have over each radiator, combined with the long-lasting heat, means your bills could well be lower. In some central heating systems, you have to heat all rooms regardless of whether you’re using them or not, so you’ll notice the difference if you switch to oil-filled electric radiators.

They’re pleasing to the eye

The visually pleasing and stylish designs add character to a room. There are numerous choices, from slimline white heaters to black wall-mounted radiators, so it won’t be hard to find a look that suits your home.

They’re energy efficient

Oil-filled radiators are more energy efficient than water-based central heating systems and precise temperature control means that energy is never wasted. Furthermore, being powered by electricity means that these radiators can benefit from renewable energy sources as opposed to traditional gas heating systems. So, if you want to do your part for the environment, investing in an electric oil-filled radiator maybe the way to do it.

Central heating is changing – it’s becoming more efficient and easier to manage, and oil-filled radiators are a prime example of this. Perhaps now’s the time to upgrade your home heating.

Sam Allcock