With rising rent and mortgage costs, most towns and cities are more expensive than ever. While some may be able to effortlessly ignore increased living expenses, most people have to make a variety of sacrifices. Often, this comes in the form of choosing smaller flats and homes rather than shouldering the burden of higher monthly payments.

Even for those who aren’t concerned about higher monthly living costs, limited availability of flats and houses in a given location may require settling for less space. In order to have an efficient and comfortable way of life, finding methods for dealing with a lack of space requires careful consideration.

Here are four space-saving solutions to consider for more comfortable living in confined quarters.

Ottoman Beds

One major space-saving solution is to adopt a solution that combines storage and sleep into one piece of furniture. Ottoman storage beds and sofas provide a unique remedy for those who need extra compartments to pack away possessions. From single Ottoman beds to king size Ottoman beds, these choices are no different visually than standard beds and mattresses, but possess hidden storage areas that allow easy placement of vital items such as clothing and electronics.

Wooden Ottoman beds are a great choice for a more rustic look, while single Ottoman beds fit neatly into small bedrooms. Many Ottoman beds UK homeowners and residents use have lavish appointments such as backboards, sliding compartment doors and plush mattress selections.

Suppliers such as Big Brand Beds offer a plethora of Ottoman beds UK shoppers will love, with fashionable designs and efficient storage options. Offering a variety of other bed and mattress choices as well, you’ll want to check this Ottoman beds selection out to see their fantastic options.

Shelves, Shelves, Shelves

The liveable space in most homes is quoted as, and thought of, merely in the amount of available floor space. Yet this is short-sighted: every room has four (or more) walls, offering unique possibilities for additional storage and interior design. Shelves are an absolutely excellent decision for smaller living environs, allowing for the display and/or storage of substantially more stuff.

Within most individual rooms of a home, multiple square metres of additional space can be achieved simply by installing a few shelves. Simple stand-alone shelving can be used for a minimalist and cost-effective approach, but other options – such as low-profile shelving and embedded wall shelves – offer even more possibilities for efficiency.

While non-homeowners may need permission prior to installing such elements in the home, these solutions are among the simplest space-saving measures that individuals can take to maximise comfort and convenience indoors.

Downscaled Furniture

Let’s face it: not all furniture is designed with space-saving benefits in mind. Some forms of home décor – such as home office desks, sofas and tables – can be unwieldy and impractical in confined settings. If your home currently features oversized forms of furniture, then it may be worth considering exchanging them for alternative solutions.

But what types of downscaled furniture are worth consideration? Items such as drop-leaf kitchen tables, folding chairs, nesting tables and (as already mentioned) single Ottoman beds are fundamentally sound choices when prioritising space. Likewise, low-profile office desks, modular storage and wall mounts in lieu of stands for televisions are other great ideas.

Ultimately, downscaled furniture has multiple benefits. Not only can it provide more comfortable living in space-limited settings, but it tends to be more affordable due to its reduced size. Additionally, smaller furniture choices in general can help to reduce your home’s overall environmental footprint (as smaller furniture selections generally utilise less resources in their construction).

Focus on the Closet

Closets are often thought of as static spaces where various items and clutter can be stuffed, but this is only a simplistic use of the overall space. Even small closets can be utilised in a variety of ways to maximise their total storage space. There are a number of strategies to consider in order to accomplish this goal.

First, take an inventory of items currently stored within the closet. If particulars such as clothing are unused, consider selling or donating these items to free up additional space: it will allow for other items of greater importance to be kept here without cluttering your broader living space.

Next, evaluate the items remaining in the closet itself. Items that have a large vertical footprint might be better suited for storage elsewhere (or in the case of clothing, proper folding techniques can free up space in the lower segments of your closet for other items).

Using the door as additional storage can be incredibly useful. Try adding over-door storage to your closet in order to stow away smaller, lighter items that don’t properly fit elsewhere.

From wooden Ottoman beds to over-door storage and shelving, making the most of limited space isn’t impossible. By being a bit creative and truly evaluating items in the home that matter to you, making more room for a comfortable living experience can be accomplished quite easily.

Claire Preece