Householder Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for a grant?

Under the Low Carbon Buildings Programme, individuals who own their property and reside in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (excluding the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man) were eligible for grants. The Renewable Heat Premium Payment, which replaced the Low Carbon Buildings Programme, is open to people in England, Scotland and Wales. If you are located in Northern Ireland, you can learn more about the Renewable Heat Premium Payment from the Enterprise, Trade and Investment Department.

What are the criteria for receiving funding under the LCBP and RHPP?

Under the Low Carbon Buildings Programme, applicants face several criteria for eligibility under the LCBP. Microgeneration systems need to be installed on a permanent building that has basic energy efficiency measures installed. Under the Renewable Heat Premium Payment, homes need to have loft insulation to 250mm. Householders must have undertaken a Green Deal Assessment, necessary planning and environmental permissions must be in place, and the product and installer need to be certified under MCS or Solar Keymark.

Which technology is most suitable for my home?

There are a wide variety of different microgeneration technologies available. The most suitable solution for your home depends on its location and your requirements. Learn more about the different microgeneration technologies to find the ideal solution for your home.

How many grants were given under the Low Carbon Buildings Programme?

You can view more information about the number of grants given out and other key statistics on the statistics and case studies page.

Do I need to install all energy efficiency measures?

In order to apply for the Renewable Heat Premium Payment, applicants need to install several energy efficiency measures. If you cannot install all of the required technology, you may be able to apply for a grant provided a reasonable level of energy efficiency measures have been installed in your home.

When will the Renewable Heat Incentive be open to homeowners?

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is currently only available for commercial building owners. The household RHI scheme has been delayed several times but is currently on track to be implemented during spring 2014. The current scheme for households is the Renewable Heat Premium Payment, which has been open since 2011.

Can I receive a grant (or voucher) if technology is installed by a non-certified installer?

In order to be eligible for a grant under the Low Carbon Buildings Programme (now replaced by the Renewable Heat Premium Payment) your system must be installed by a certified installer using certified products. The LCBP allowed grants to be issued if the installed system was commissioned by a certified installer after work had been completed by the non-certified installer.

When will the Renewable Heat Premium Payment no longer be valid?

The Renewable Heat Premium Payment scheme has been extended several times due to delays in the opening of the Renewable Heat Incentive for householders. The scheme is currently extended until the end of March 2014, and vouchers granted under the scheme are valid for three to six months from the date of issue.

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