To choose the best possible boiler for your specific needs, we first need to identify what those needs are exactly. For example, if you are looking for commercial boilers, then you will be looking at a whole different segment of boilers which will be more powerful than even the best boiler available for the residential segment. However, a commercial-grade boiler would also be a waste of money and energy in a home, while a superb residential boiler would be comically underpowered for the massive needs of any sizable commercial facility.

As it is impossible to suggest the best boiler for our readers without knowing critical details like budget, size of the house/apartment/facility and the kind of setup they already have in place, we will be taking a different, more effective route. Instead of just naming a few models from popular manufacturers, we will define the different boiler types and simultaneously highlight each type’s pros and cons. As long as you are yourself aware of what you need, simply cross check them with the information to find the best boiler for the coming cold weather.

There Are Three Main Types of Boilers to Choose From

In total, there are three primary categories for boilers which we need to be aware of while trying to find the best option. These would be:

  1. Traditional boilers
  2. System boilers
  3. Combi boilers

Traditional Boilers

Traditional boilers are what the slightly older population among us were used to seeing in our homes as children. These are heat-only, regular boilers that require a pre-existing setup in order to function. Unless you are living in an old house which already has the setup necessary for feeding and powering a traditional boiler, they won’t be a suitable option. For further clarification regarding whether the place really has the hot water powered heating setup which all traditional boilers need to work, check the following:

  • There must be a separate hot water tank, water-level maintenance tank and a cold-water storage tank
  • The main cold-water tank will supply water as necessary to both the hot water cylinder and the water level maintenance tank
  • They are only suggested if you have an adequately old, but functioning radiator system as well
  • Traditional boilers and high-water pressure just don’t go well together, so choose one only if the water pressure in your place is low

Despite being older and out of date models, some traditional boilers that are being released recently come with a very handy PV system to lower heating bills, reducing strain from your wallet down the line.

Combi Boilers

Combination or combi boilers are among the best boilers available today for the residential sector. Suited for both houses and apartments, the combi boiler is so called because it comes as a single unit that is simultaneously capable of functioning both as a water heating system and a central heating system. What truly makes them the most versatile choice is the fact that the very best combi boiler models are also deceptively compact, with no need for an additional cold-water tank or a hot water cylinder, meaning that the necessary piping is minimum and the chances of seeing frozen pipework are next to none.

When choosing the best combi boiler for your needs, you can easily find out more regarding what are the best boilers in the market across all categories by paying a quick visit to Boiler Central. They will not only be able to suggest the best combi boiler which will suit your specific commercial/residential needs and budget, but they won’t even accept payment for the purchase until they are done with the installation job!

Promoting a streamlined, affordable and unified experience, Boiler Central handles everything from guiding the customer towards the best boiler that they can benefit from, to completing full installation with assured gas safety on their behalf. There is even a free wireless thermostat included in the package. If needed, the company will also arrange for financing plans that can be stretched up to 10-years with zero down payment. If you want something other than the combi boiler, the same advantages with payment, installation, guidance and service apply to them as well.

System Boilers

System boilers offer a middle ground between the high-tech combi boilers and the traditional, regular boilers. They will still need a separate hot water cylinder for storage, like the regular boilers of old, but everything else is built-in, similar to a combi boiler. They might be more cost-efficient in the long run, because system boilers can be equipped with PV cells to use solar energy and lower heating bills.

Now that you have a basic idea regarding what to expect from which type of boiler, choosing the best boiler that can meet your home’s or commercial facility’s specific heating needs during the coming winter months should feel much easier now.

Claire Preece