Where it used to be that living a more sustainable and energy-efficient lifestyle was an after-thought, but today, it is becoming closer to a necessity. With climate change affecting all regions of the world, inflation on the rise, and the cost of living also skyrocketing, it makes sense to adopt this lifestyle with open arms. But what are the best practices to use? What steps and changes will create the biggest benefits? Here are some simple tips you can incorporate into your lifestyle.

Cut Back on Your Shopping Habits

How many times have you bought things just for the sake of buying them? How many of the purchases you make are truly necessary versus filling a want? This first tip is a lot harder than it sounds but can have a profound effect on the environment. Cutting back on your shopping habits, buying less “stuff” and making sure you only purchase what you need and what you will use is the cornerstone to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Opt for Reusable Items Whenever Possible

Whenever possible, opt for reusable items and cut back on your one-time plastic use. Things such as plastic straws, bags, bottles, sandwich bags, and so forth should be avoided. Plastics are major pollutants and are filling the surface of the oceans, which then endangers sea life.

Scale Back on Water Usage

Water is one of the planet’s most important resources and it is something that you don’t want to waste. This means using as little as possible in your daily routine. Scaling back on water also means you’ll be reducing your bills, making it a win-win.

Simple ways you can cut back on water include only running the dishwasher and clothes washing machine if you have a full load, having shorter showers, using low flush toilets, and using a rain barrel in the garden to collect water (this can be used to water plants).

Invest in an Electric Car

If you’re in the market for a new car, now is the perfect time to consider an electric model. With the number of charge stations increasing across the UK and the volume of electric car makes and models now available, there has never been a better time to take the plunge.

ElectriX features a helpful guide to owning an electric car that is perfect for newbies. Its electric car guide covers such information as why to make the switch to electric, the driving experience, the charging experience, the money savings, the safety profile, and more. It will leave you feeling confident enough to make an informed purchase decision.

Use Energy Efficiency Tips in the Home

There are many energy efficiency tips in the home that should all be adopted. Some will have bigger impacts than others, but they all help. These measures should include such things as switching to LED lights, turning off lights when not in the room, buying energy-efficient appliances, hanging your clothes outdoors to dry, and using ceiling fans and window coverings to keep the interior temperature comfortable.

The More You Do the Greater the Impact Will Be

If you’re ready to live a more sustainable lifestyle filled with energy-efficient steps, then all of these tips will be necessary.

Claire Preece