Money and time are two things we all wish we had more of. Most things in life are costly and everyday chores are time consuming.

Do you wish you could make more time for the things you love and worry less about your wallet? Of course, you do.

This guide will talk you through five smart home devices that you can invest in to save money and give you extra time with the kids.

Smart Toilet 

A smart toilet not only provides a high-quality bathroom experience, from music to a heated seat, it also saves money. Not only is there a standby option to save some pennies, but you also no longer have to buy toilet rolls as this handy seat has a spray wash to clean your bottom!

The smart toilet features automated cleaning technology, some even UV lights to kill the germs, so no more time wasted on cleaning chores and no more buying inefficient cleaning products. The flush is even automatic!

You don’t even need to replace your existing toilet to receive the benefits – you can purchase an attachable smart toilet seat to fit onto your existing toilet. Washloo are the UK’s sole domestic smart toilet brand offering luxury smart toilets and electric bidet seats.

Electricity Usage Monitor 

Have you ever wondered how much energy your household is consuming and how much it’s costing you? An electricity usage monitor can tell you exactly that.

This device can be placed anywhere in your home. It displays the amount of energy your household is consuming; how much it’s costing and how much you are saving once you make a change.

Being aware of how much energy you’re using and exactly how much it’s costing you can help you change the way you use energy and begin to save. It’ll also save time adding everything up to work out what you’ve spent.

Electricity usage monitors are an inexpensive device, they’re even free with certain energy providers.

Motion Sensor Light Switch

Movement sensor light switches have recently grown in popularity. They’re a convenient little device that makes sure the light only switches on when there’s activity. This can significantly reduce energy expenses as we often forget to turn the lights off. It also saves changing the bulbs as often!

This can save time fumbling for the light switch in every single room you enter and prevent you from having to check that every light is off before going to sleep.

Not only do they save money and time, but they’re also an inexpensive way to improve home security as you’ll always know if someone is in your home.

These handy devices are available at most DIY stores and online for a small cost.

Smart Plug

A smart plug, such as the Amazon one, adds voice control to any electrical socket. This simply pairs with your Alexa device so you can ask Alexa to turn anything on or off.

Other smart plugs allow you to control the electrical socket from your phone. So you can control your devices from anywhere, saving both time and money. If you think you forgot to turn the light off – use the app. You can schedule your lights, television, even coffee for when you get home! It’s simple and effective.

Energy Saving Light Bulbs 

An energy saving light bulb emits the same amount of light as a normal light bulb, however it uses less electricity. So, you’re asking how does it do that? Well, a traditional bulb wastes a lot of energy in heat whereas an energy saving bulb doesn’t – it’s smarter.

Energy saving light bulbs can last up to ten times longer than traditional light bulbs, saving you from having to change them all the time and buy new ones.

You’ll start to see your electricity bill decrease as these smart bulbs use a lot less energy.

It’s a win for the planet and a win for your wallet.

Wrap Up

So, spend a little more money to save a lot more in the long run. These five smart home devices will all save you cash, if not make you money and you’ll even save some time along the way so you can spend more days doing the things you love.

Rachel Sterry