Zenon Energy today announced that they have entered into a strategic business alliance with HMB Solar Nederland B.V. and HMB GmbH. This partnership will strengthen the joint solar and storage system offering of the companies in both Germany and the Netherlands

“We are excited about the coming energy storage revolution,” says Louie Kritzinger, CEO at Zenon Energy. “Energy regulations in the EU are changing and the need for effective energy storage is higher than ever.”

“We are thrilled to innovate and offer leading energy storage technologies that are crucial to the future of renewable energy.“ says Hermann Mueller, founder of HMB GmbH. “Our solar and storage combination will be used across Germany and Netherlands for business and private customers.”

“The Zenon Energy system is the first of its kind to offer a lifetime equivalent to that of solar panels”, says Duan van’t Slot, CTO at Zenon Energy. “The Zenon Energy battery pack innovates on every level to maximize lifetime and performance“.

  • The benefits of this new partnership include:
  • The deployment of high-quality solar and energy storage systems that have been designed to last 25 years.
  • Construction of an EU Zenon Energy assembly line in the Netherlands to service demand for energy storage solutions in the EU.
  • Efficient deployment of the joint solar and energy storage product offering of the companies to their existing network.
  • The creation of employment opportunities in the Netherlands and Germany.
  • A solution to grid limitations so that all customers can benefit from effective renewable energy.

About Zenon Energy: Zenon Energy is an international renewable energy technology company aiming to decentralize energy generation and storage using their revolutionary SuperTitan™ battery. Zenon Energy designs and manufactures market-leading energy storage solutions that are economically feasible and offer a high-performance solution that has the same lifetime as typical solar panel installations.

HMB GmbH is a renewable energy company based in Meppen, Germany, and has branch offices and operations in both Germany and the Netherlands. Over the last 16 years, HMB GmbH has co-founded several major solar energy companies and has continuously expanded its core renewable energy competencies, and is now a specialist in the construction of photovoltaic systems of all sizes. Their service also includes long-term maintenance of PV farms and the acquisition of suitable properties for the development of new PV farms.

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