With such an increase in energy costs, many people are starting to catch up on environmental awareness. Whether you are planning to spend many years in your house or move out in the future, you must consider making home improvements to enhance your home’s value and improve prospects for resale.

Energy efficient homes are now a growing part of the real estate scene.

Switching to energy efficient home upgrades has the potential for high ROI. If you are thinking about how to start with it, here is a list of areas where you can install energy efficient upgrades.

Upgrade To Energy Efficient Kitchen Appliances

If you are thinking of ways to increase your property’s overall value, then start with the kitchen appliances. When it comes to energy efficient home upgrades, kitchen renovations are one of the most sought after solutions.

Even a minor kitchen improvement will yield a resale ROI of almost 80 percent of the renovation costs. Though installing energy-efficient appliances can be expensive, it gets you to save a lot in energy. The resale value will add up for the up-front costs that you invested.

The Most Obvious, Solar Panels

Installing solar panels is a large-scale upgrade for your home, which is also energy-efficient and affordable, especially if you have access to local, federal, or state tax credits. Solar panels can be one of the best upgrades for resale, as buyers will not invest time installing them. So, a house with solar panels is a good attraction.

As solar panels can impact the house’s look, make sure you deal with reliable professionals when you are about to install it.

Make Use of the Natural Light

If you retrofit your windows, it will bring in a lot of natural light into the room. As replacing windows can be quite expensive, think well before choosing which windows to replace. If you think any of the rooms in your house need more light or the existing window offers poor insulation, you can choose to replace it.

Replace it with energy efficient ones to make up for the installation costs during resale.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Often, energy efficient lighting is overlooked as a feature with value. It can increase energy savings and eventually the value of your home too. LED Lights are one of the most sought after products. From light switches to motor senses, every little detail in your house can add to energy saving.

Instead of replacing all the light fixtures, you can replace the ones that are used more frequently. Lights that are energy star rated models will help you save on electricity and also invite potential buyers.

Improve the Wall Insulation

Though visual characteristics of your house attract potential buyers, a few of them also look into appraisal reports. Walls that are adequately insulated can regulate heating and cooling inside the house.

They are also one of the best upgrades adding value to your house. When the insulation is improved, it will cut down energy consumption as there will be less demand for cooling and heating systems.

Every dollar you spend on these upgrades will add to your home value. If you are still unsure of the impact of energy efficient home upgrades on the home value, talk with a licensed real estate professional.

Sam Allcock