The batteries for storing the energy has become and still becoming popular amongst the peoples especially for their home.

They usually select this for improving their solar system or getting rid of the grid power.

As this technology is emerging, the different types of storage that are possible for the home might become confusing for you.

When you have to select the best power storage system for your area, there are different things you need to consider.

For example, the homeowner might become confused about selecting an AC or DC battery. This matters a lot in the case of energy consumption and expense.

In this article, we will discuss all the AC and DC storage.

Below, we have mentioned the introduction to AC and DC.

Introduction to AC and DC

There are two common current systems in which one is known as AC and the other one is DC. The AC stands for “Alternating Current” and DC stands for “Direct Current”.

Both of these currents have differences. One of the biggest differences between both of these is the loss of energy when they are traveling a long distance.

Talking the example of AC, it can travel long distances without losing too much energy but on the other side, the DC energy is easy to store but it makes a huge loss when traveling a long distance.

Because the AC is much efficient for traveling without loss, the power stations use this electricity for local consumption.

As most of the powers are available in Alternating Current, so the appliances are also utilizing the AC.

Now, talking about DC, the solar panels generate the DC power while the batteries also store the same.

Remember, when you are using solar energy, it can’t be directed to the home appliances which are based on AC.

For this, the Direct current is converter into the AC power which becomes usable for the home use.

AC vs DC battery storage

When you are getting the DC from the solar power but you want to convert into the AC then you require an inverter.

The inverter is a component that makes the conversion and difference between AC and DC storage.

Below, we have explained the AC and DC battery storage:

·      AC battery storage:

AC battery contains two inverters through which one is used for the battery while the other is used for solar panels.

Comparing the AC storage batteries to the DC, the AC is less efficient than the DC because is better for the traveling of the power.

The AC is easier to install especially when you have solar panels installed in your home. Whether you are owning the solar system newly or it has been installed previously, the AC battery will work amazingly with both.

The biggest advantage of using this battery system is that it won’t be disturbing your solar panels. Similarly, when the solar panels get a fault, the battery is saved from getting disturbed.

The AC batteries are very flexible to use while they can connect with different inverters.

·      DC battery storage:

DC is considered to be the best option for storing electricity and in this sense, the DC battery might help you to save your energy.

First of all, the biggest advantage is that it just needs a single inverter.

It’s efficient than the AC while it can be integrated with the solar system completely. This way, these batteries become flexible especially when you have installed the solar system previously.

The DC batteries are less expensive as these contain very few components. These batteries are also used in the motor vehicle charging that is operated through electricity.

AC to DC conversion

A rectifier and inverter are a device that can be used for converting the AC electricity into the DC electricity.

The AC to DC conversion is a process that you might need like when having a new solar system or during the installation of the electric system.

For conversion, there are two methods including the manual with the help of the formula and the other method is through online calculators.

Through the manual way, here is the formula for converting:

AC to DC = “AC = DC / 0.636”

DC to AC = “DC = AC * 0.636”

The other way is through an online calculator. There are numerous online dc to ac conversion calculator that instantly give your conversion result.

How to select the best current for home consumption?

Firstly, when you have to select the best current system between AC and DC then their different factors that need to be considered for a better response.

Here are the factors to consider:

  • You need to see whether there is a solar panel on your roof or you are connecting it to the power station system
  • For selecting the system, you should know your budget and plan the whole system accordingly
  • If the solar system is already installed then you should consider the AC as it more efficient
  • If you are using the current for traveling then AC is the best option but the DC is best for storage
  • For the new solar system, the DC is the best option especially for saving energy and cost


When you are installing a solar system or any other electrical system then you should consider measuring the conversion.

This is because the current from the power might be AC and your storage system might be DC.

However, the conversion is also important when you are planning about the inverter.

The modern appliances are also using the DC inverter which costs less and makes the outcome more efficient.

Sam Allcock