With Halloween almost upon us, there is no denying that 2020 will be slightly different. With parties gone, parts of the country forbidden to trick or treat, and no gatherings allowed, you’d be forgiven for fearing that all is lost.

Do ghastly ghouls and evil spirits care what tier you may be in? Probably not. So, with most of us at home for this freaky festival, 2020 has become the year of stay at home entertainment, a time for you to entertain your boys and ghouls.

What does it take to create a hideous house of horrors?

The perfect pumpkin

Let’s start with the basics (and the classics). No Halloween would be complete without this old favourite. With the internet brimming with designs and step by step videos, there really is no excuse for anything short of spectacular to ward off those evil spirits.

What pumpkin would be complete without the 2020 fashion accessory of the year, the facemask?

Bloodthirsty bats

Strike fear into everyone (or at least every child under the age of 5) with an array of plastic bats stuck to your ceilings and light shades throughout your house. Spaced at 2 metre intervals to ensure social distancing, these suckers are a staple part of any Halloween house.

Spooky spiders

What is it with spiders? Neither a ghoul, a ghost, or any other form of evil, but surely the most terrifying being known to man! Fill your house with these little critters (fake, of course) along with webs galore. That feeling of walking through a web and never quite knowing if the spider has followed and is currently running along your neckline is surely the scariest experience ever.

No cheap puns with this one; spiders are, well, just spiders. There is nothing more to say.

Scary skeletons

Taking care not to breach the rule of 6, why not hang a few fleshless additions around your house? With skeletons hung on the back of doors, ready to drop the next time some unsuspecting soul enters a room, have fun by terrifying family members young and old alike.

Deathly dinner plates

Why not bring the horror of Halloween right to your dinner table? With edible eyeballs floating in drinks, wiggly worms set in jelly, ginger-dead men, and gruesome guacamole snot, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

The perfect haunted house

The classic of all classics, the cheap no-frills way to recreate a ghost. With a simple white sheet, eye holes, and a convincing ‘woooo’ you can be sure of an interrupted nights sleep, with kids suffering nightmares and PTSD to boot.

The year of ‘different’

Previous years have, in retrospect, been years of ease. The kids would go out to trick or treat or maybe attend a friend’s Halloween party. This year, it’s all on you. With an array of ideas, you can still give the kids the fright of their lives, create some memories, and create the perfect Halloween, all from the comfort of your own home. While you are doing so, you might want also to let them know about many of the other scary festivals taking place around the world as was assembled below by the researchers at Betway.

Sam Allcock