Integral blinds are an efficient style of blind that boasts not only a sleek design but a range of specific features making them an excellent choice for various healthcare environments to deploy. In this article, we shall explore the different healthcare environments that could benefit from integral blinds.

GP Surgery’s

GP surgeries are tasked with ensuring that they create an environment that is both professional and comfortable for patients and staff. Integral blinds can help practitioners to achieve this balance of needs as they offer a discrete yet functional appearance and allow as much or as little light into a room as desired. As the blinds can be adjusted to suit specific needs this means that privacy can be achieved in windowed offices to help maintain patient confidentiality. Integral blinds can also assist in controlling the heat of a room by blocking excess light which can help improve patient comfort and prevent patients from overheating in the waiting room.


Integral blinds are perfect for hospitals as they are a far more sterile option compared to other styles of blinds as they do not gather any dust or dirt due to the integral blind slats, header and footer rails being permanently fitted within the glass unit. This can help hospital buildings to maintain a high level of hygiene and prevent the spread of germs or diseases throughout the premises. The easy operation of integral blinds also means patients can have control over the amount of sunlight that enters their individual rooms. Integral blinds are also highly desirable to use on shared wards as they help to enhance patient privacy when sleeping or talking to medical staff or family.


Opticians require blinds that will completely block out light so that room is dark to carry out a patient’s eye test which makes integral blinds a suitable option. They can be operated by a remote control which makes it easy for the optician to open or close the blinds at different points in a patient’s check-up. A solar controlled option is also available with integral blinds which is possible through a solar controlled battery operated via remote control. In the current climate of costly energy bills, integral blinds offer small practices such as Opticians an energy-friendly alternative. Therefore, integral blinds can help to reduce the carbon footprint of opticians and assist in saving money that would otherwise be spent on central heating and air conditioning.


Dentist practices are a further healthcare environment that can benefit from the installation of integral blinds.  When examining a patient’s teeth dentists are aware that they do not want the glare of the sun to go into patients’ eyes or obscure their vision. Integral blinds can prevent this from happening as they can be positioned at a specific angle and not only block out unwanted sunlight but can also prevent a small room like a dentist’s practice from overheating.


Integral blinds offer a safer option for Veterinary practices than regular cord operating blinds as it eliminates the risk of pets attempting to eat or getting choked on the cord of blinds. They also offer a far more hygienic option than other blinds as they do not require any cleaning or maintenance.

Luke Johnson