Electricity demand is always a growing subject in all countries. If we talk about India, it is the second-largest country in population with fifth place in major electricity consumers. So we can assume how much electricity is in demand nowadays and what effects it is putting on our environment. There is no doubt without electricity, nothing is possible in this world. But if we are not going to save it, this will only put a negative effect on us and cause many unwanted issues and problems. That’s why today we are going to talk about LED strip lights and The ever-emerging markets of LED strip lights from in 2021. LED strip lights come in an energy-efficiency products list which helps you to save electricity without compromising quality. 

At starting, these LED strip lights were very costly due to amazing electricity saving features but nowadays due to the support of the government and their programs, anyone can get LED strip lights in their house. The government has also come with many plans to spread the awareness of LED strip lights in order to reduce the consumption of electricity and save it for the future. It helps the LED markets to grow and make a strong impact on markets for a long time. Before knowing more about The ever-emerging markets of LED strip lights in 2021, let’s know about LED light first.

What is an LED?

The full form of LED is Light Emitting Diode and it is also known as solid state lighting. You must have heard about the light-emitting diode which is a semiconductor device useful for converting electricity into light. 

Global Market Report of LED strip lights

If we take a look at the market report of LED lighting, globally it was reached at 29450 million USD in 2020. For future years from 2021-2026, expected results are 42160 million USD with a growing CAGR of 5.2%. This report was made for global markets including Europe, North America, Asia-pacific, Middle East, South America and Africa. 

After the full analysis of reports, our forecasts are that the LED strip lights market will grow in a more rapid way in the future because of its demands. So we can say that in 2021, this market will set a new standard because of so many benefits. However, in previous times it was difficult to get LED strip lights in every home but now each person can get the benefit of this amazing technology from

Now we will take a look at how LED markets have been divided-

Products of LED

  • Lamps
  • Luminaire
  • Street Light
  • Bulbs
  • Downlight
  • T-Lamp
  • Others

LED Markets can be divided into two parts based on the application is Indoor and Outdoor.

Uses of LED Lighting

  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Government
  • Roadways
  • Industrial
  • Architectural 
  • Others

Review of The Ever Emerging Markets of LED strip lights in 2021 

We have seen some important things about LED lighting. Now come to the topic of LED strip lights emerging markets in 2021, The market has been growing since the awareness of LED among all people and industries. In 2021, it has achieved the set target without any struggles. LED strip lights are helpful for saving electricity and reduce their consumption without any extra cost. That’s why people like to have LED strip lights more in their houses. 

If we talk about the market of India, it is expected to reach a CAGR of over 30% in 2021. It is only possible because of awareness in people and smart initiative by governments. 

Due to continuous efforts, In India, people of villages are also showing their great interest in LED strip lights and understanding the concept of it. However, some areas are still not taking this initiative in a good way. But it is assumed that in a few years, the uses of LED lighting will be increased at a fast pace. 


We have reviewed the ever-emerging markets of LED strip lights in 2021 and prepared this short report for you. It is already cleared that in future teams, the market for LED lighting will increase at a fast pace without any obstacles. Still, there is a need for much more awareness among all people. Only that way we can save electricity and its consumption for future use and also light up our home with bright LED strip lights.

Sam Allcock