Aluminium is a building material that has evolved in recent decades, it is being used both in buildings and structures and it is not surprising. It is a really resistant, durable and lightweight product, perfect to be implemented in different projects.

It is a versatile innovation, which can bring many advantages to the specific construction sector. The production of aluminium structures is a market that is expanding thanks to it’s advantages-price ratio.

Today’s aluminium structures are light, mouldable, resistant and very easy to transport, ideal for use on window frames, bars, doors and even on stairs. These would be some of it’s most common uses at home.

Use of aluminium in large-scale construction

Before starting a large construction project, it is necessary to make an in-depth study of aluminium suppliers that can provide quality structures. If you search the Internet there is an extensive list, but few with the experience of, which are pioneers in an endless number of finishes in this material.

Aluminium railings

They are, without a doubt, a touch of elegance for any building without losing security. It is a material that accepts multiple proposals or accessories, such as glasses, panels and various elements.

Aluminium enclosures

Making an enclosure perfectly is a complicated job, but being built in aluminium has given builders a new approach. With this material, it is possible to obtain a much more protected and isolated space than with the rest of the possible implements.

Aluminium pergolas

It is a proposal made with a 100% durable material, apart from being resistant. Aluminium pergolas have the main mission of proposing a much more personal and shady environment, but without losing the touch of style or elegance.

Aluminium facades

The optimal temperature of a building or construction in general is thanks to the walls, so it is necessary that they have the necessary acoustics and insulation so that it stays cool. Aluminium facades, again, are the ideal option for this purpose and are therefore used more regularly.

Aluminuim is here to stay

The vast majority of sustainable buildings today have aluminium in their composition. It can be applied to each part, both to the front doors, windows and other types of basic mechanisms for the survival of the construction.

The use of aluminium is being considered necessary as part of #green buildings ”for various reasons. It is a metal that can be recycled and that does not lose any of it’s properties during the process, it is still as resistant as in the first use.

Further into the future, aluminium sliding doors, aluminium glass windows and other spaces will be demanded by construction companies. And because of the energy savings they offer, high level of shock absorption and profitability, it is the first choice of designers and architects.

Ideal places to use aluminium structures

Although you may think that it is not possible, the vast majority of the important or basic areas of a building or any place are made of aluminium. These include ceilings, entire facades, and even curtain walls.

The use of aluminium in structures is the main requirement to help the environment and provide sustainable buildings.

It is believed that it’s growth during the last quarter of 2020 was more than 7% within the construction industry, and the main reason is that it weighs much less than steel, at least between 35 and 65%, without losing it’s equivalent resistance.

This is a very important fact, because it is no longer necessary to use expensive materials that are becoming obsolete if the aluminium construction is much more elegant and friendly with all the environmental resources in which it is placed.

Claire Preece