There’s no getting away from the fact that we all produce a huge amount of waste in our lives. Some produce so much in fact that it has the potential to interrupt their day-to-day life. This scale of waste is usually when large renovations are taking place. In a case like this, skip hire is often required but what if you’ve never hired a skip before? In that instance, a decent and thorough skip hire guide is certainly what’s needed. Skip hire can make disposing of waste easy and effective but if you’ve never done it before, there are a few things that need to be taken into consideration.

Skip Hire Considerations

To make things as easy as possible for you, we’ve compiled this fool-proof guide to skip hire, showing you what you need to think about in order to save money and prevent major hassle.

Find Out The Right Size Skip For You – one of the most common mistakes we see being made is when people hire the wrong size skip. This can happen because you simply aren’t aware of the different sizes available or because you underestimate the amount of waste you have. A good rule of thumb is to confirm the amount of rubbish you’re looking to dispose of. Keep them piled in one place together. If you’re still struggling, it’s always worth asking the company you’re hiring the skip from. Here at Mackers, we’re often advising our clientele on what size skip would be best. After a few details of the actual work being done, we can usually give you pretty accurate advice. We’ll go into the different sized skips available below.

Find Out What Can And Can’t Be Disposed Of In The Skip – some people seem to think a skip means a free for all on waste. That isn’t the case at all. There are a certain amount of items that most skip companies will not take. These include but aren’t limited to, mobile phone batteries, cars and electrical items, canisters or any kind, cylinders, tyres, paint and other hazardous materials.

Ensure You Know Cost – it’s important to understand that cost will differ with each skip. The bigger the skip, the more it will cost. It’s as simple as that. Generally speaking, skips can vary in price from £80 plus. If you’re looking at a more industrial sized skip then you’ll be looking at a lot more however, the price of a skip is usually a lot less than disposing of waste yourself or the inevitable fines you’ll receive by not clearing your waste.

Find A Suitable Location For Your Skip – If you have a driveway or front garden, then you have your location right there. If not, you’ll need to find a suitable space on a public road. The pavement is a no-go but the road in front of your house will be just fine as long you get a skip permit from your local council. This can cost around £20-£30 however, some companies, such as ourselves here at Mackers Skip Hire, will cover the cost for you.

A Guide To Skip Sizes

Skip sizes differ greatly. They can go from super small 2 yard skips all the way through to 12 yard skips. So let’s take a closer look at what size is best for you.  

2 to 3 Yard Skips – these are known as mini skips. They’re ideal for small quantities or household waste or garden waste. To give you an idea, they store between 25 and 30 bin bags of rubbish. This makes them ideal for tackling small jobs around the home.

4 to 5 Yard Skips – these are known as midi skips. A step up from the mini skip, the midi skips are ideal for more in-depth work. From kitchen remodels to bathroom renovations, they carry around 40 to 50 bin bags worth of rubbish. The 4 and 5 yard skips are more often hired by homeowners enjoying a little DIY.

6 to 7 Yard Skips – as we hit the 6 and 7 yard mark, we’re starting to look at more industrial sized jobs and clients although many domestic clients hire our small skips for bigger renovations at home. Although still considered a small skip, the 7 yard skip will hold around 70 bin bags worth of waste. From internal walls being taken out to kitchen and bathroom remodels simultaneously, the 6 and 7 yard skips have you covered.

8 to 10 Yard Skips – 8 and 10 yard skips are officially referred to as large. From domestic premises undergoing large scale work to commercial premises, the 8 and 10 yard skips hold between 75 and 100 bin bags of waste. These sized skips are usually saved for construction sites as they offer the perfect solution for builders.

12 Yard Skips – these are known as maxi skips and can carry a whopping 120 bin bags worth of waste. These are ideal for large construction sites as well as companies carrying out large clearances. Builders and tradesmen may also hire the maxi skip for the duration of a build.

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Emily Bennet