Building a home is something we all dream of doing at some point in our lives, but for those who are at the point where it’s a feasible option, there are many practicalities to consider before taking the plunge.

Here are some of the main factors to consider when building a home so you can avoid any costly surprises along the way:


Arguably the most significant element of building a home to take into account is time. Building a property is not something you can fit into a small or strict timeframe, whether your house is on a large or small scale. It’s far better to set yourself realistic expectations for a building project than to put pressure on yourself and those involved with the build to get it completed by a specific date.

Of course, though, it’s important to have a timeframe in mind so you can ensure you have somewhere comfortable to live in the meantime, but make this a reasonable one. For example, one to two years is sensible and gives you plenty of leeway for unexpected issues or obstacles that might crop up along the way.


Every house building project needs to be planned meticulously before the build begins and one of the most crucial aspects of the design should be the materials. Nowadays, it’s important for those building houses to build in the most sustainable and eco-friendly way possible using materials that will allow the home to run as efficiently as possible long term. Roofspace offer home and roof solutions that are all timber engineered and are constructed using a fabric first approach, meaning all their structures are designed with efficiency and sustainability at the forefront.


The aspect of building a home that puts many people off and prevents most people from building their dream homes in their lifetimes is money. Building a house is by no means cheap, so it’s essential to calculate your budget and all the costs that would be involved such as but not limited to gaining planning permission, drawing up designs, constructing, and more. If you realise your budgets won’t cover your planned designs, you can then make an educated decision to hold off a few more years and avoid putting yourself into financial difficulty further down the line.

Professional help

Another key aspect is who you will hire or work with to carry out your project. Most of us do not have the skills to complete a house build ourselves, which is why most people will recruit designers, planners, builders, landscapers and the like to help with this. It’s therefore hugely important to factor all these people and extra services into your overall costs.

When finding reliable and reputable companies to work with on your house build, a great way to find people is to ask your friends, family and local community for any recommendations. Alternatively, make sure to do plenty of research into a company’s history, team and pricing before committing to bring anyone onto your project.

These are just some of the aspects of building a house to consider; overall, its important to make sure you commit plenty of time into researching and planning your project to make sure its an enjoyable and positive experience, rather than a nightmare.

Claire Preece