Finding an air conditioner installer you can trust can be quite difficult. Besides, there are tons of air conditioning service providers in Frisco, TX there claiming they are dependable.

So you may want to stick with that A/C installation tech who has earned your trust for your other air conditioning needs, including maintenance. That person will be walking in and out of your residence, and you’ll be leaving a piece of expensive equipment on their hand, so it’s more likely you want someone you already know.

But is it the right decision?

Skillset Matters

Just because the person who installed your air conditioning unit did a great job doesn’t mean they’ll also nail the maintenance task. An air conditioning service in Frisco, TX requires a different skill set than A/C installation.

With A/C installation, the technician may need to be skilled in carpentry, installing pipes, and welding sheet metal. On the other hand, a maintenance technician needs to have an in-depth understanding of the unit to conduct inspections and make diagnoses properly. Besides, maintenance involves many tasks, such as cleaning the unit, lubricating the moving parts, recharging refrigerant, and calibrating the thermostat.

When to Hire a New Air Conditioning Service Provider in Frisco, TX

Air conditioning maintenance is all about making sure the air conditioning unit stays in its best condition. And to be able to provide due care, one must understand the equipment and its needs completely.

If your air conditioner installer is a licensed electrician, how can you be sure they can provide your A/C the proper care it needs?

So if you hired a company or an individual who does not have an HVAC license for your A/C installation project, it would be smart to just look for other technicians out there. Relying on the technician or company that isn’t a service expert will likely leave you disappointed. The turnaround time may be too slow, you may have to wait for a long time for replacement parts (if needed), and the installer you hired for tune-up may cause further damage to the unit.

When to Call in Your A/C Installers for the System’s Maintenance

It is worth sticking with the company that installed your unit if they also provide maintenance service. You may also get more benefits by choosing them. Since they are the ones who installed your unit, they exactly know how the installation was done and its condition. They will likely know how to provide the best possible care for your cooling system.

Furthermore, trusted HVAC contractors that offer comprehensive heating and cooling services are likely to guarantee quality services. Quality of service is important if a business wants to keep its customers.

Qualities to Look for an A/C Maintenance Service Provider

Are you still looking for the right HVAC contractor to handle your A/C maintenance needs? You may want to keep the following list of qualities in mind:

  • Licensed and insured. This guarantees quality service and ensures you’re protected from any financial liabilities in case something wrong happens.
  • Experience. Experience is the best teacher. A contractor that has been in the industry for years likely has learned many lessons that they can use to provide quality maintenance service.
  • Fair, transparent pricing. The company should charge you only what is due for the maintenance service.
  • Comprehensive HVAC services. So when the need for A/C repair or replacement arises, you don’t have to look for other providers anymore.

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Rachel Sterry