A pair of roofers working on a construction site in Manchester, England. No sharpening in camera or pp.

Designing and building your own house might be fun on a computer game like The Sims, but in real life if something goes wrong it can be disastrous. Not only could you end up with nowhere to live in the future with your dreams dashed, but it can be financially ruinous to fix. Luckily you wouldn’t be the first person to make a building mistake as there have been many made by others before. Some have been plain stupid while others simply amateur. Here are six mistakes you need to avoid when planning and building your dream home.

  1. Inadequate Plans

The first mistake a lot of people make is putting together or buying cheap plans. These need to be top quality, otherwise your home is doomed from the start. Therefore it’s essential that you budget from the beginning and either invest in solid plans or get the help of experts to make sure your dream home is viable. It may cost more and take longer but it’s much better than what it will cost and take to repair any mistakes.

  1. Choosing the Wrong Contractor

It’s a similar case when choosing a contractor to work with. Again, this can end up being incredibly costly and waste a lot of time if it goes wrong. Don’t just do a quick online search, though if you do resort to this check as many reviews as possible. Otherwise, ask around or enquire about contractors you know to have recently built a house. Otherwise, ask around or enquire in an established construction recruitment agency with years of experience in supplying temporary contract, and permanent staff to the construction industry.

  1. Dodgy Electrics

House electrics need to be spot on; otherwise they can be a real hazard. When putting together plans this should be properly covered but if there is a mistake made it can be difficult to fix. Think about where you need and are placing all electrical outlets, for everything from light switches to plug sockets and more. Again, it’s essential a good job is done here especially.

  1. Poor Tools and Materials

If you decide to go ahead with some of the building yourself, using top quality tools and materials is a must. Nobody wants a house that could potentially crumble so investing in items that can deliver the highest quality of workmanship is an absolute most.

The issue is where to find these, particularly with so many online stores competing for your attention.

In truth, you’re probably best considering humanised brands that offer solid customer service and an interesting blog alongside competitive prices. Suppliers such as Milford Building Supplies feature a number of interesting news pieces on their blog, for example, and can therefore offer even greater value to customers.

  1. ..of Everything

There are tons of examples out there of properties being built without the correct measurements being made. From doors that have been put in too high up to windows that don’t fit properly in their frames, it can make your perfect home soon turn into something from a nightmare. Not only will it look odd but it can be less than practical, so always double check every measurement.

  1. Timing it All Wrong

Building your dream home isn’t a few weekend jobs; it will be a long process. It’s  important that you plan for it accurately, factoring in a few extra weeks or maybe months just in case there are any hold ups. This should be reflected in your budget, with extra set aside for any such emergencies.

These are just six common mistakes to avoid when designing and building your dream home but there are many more to be aware of out there.

Elliot Preece