Undergraduates frequently experience a lot of stress in college. They are burdened by a large number of crucial activities and responsibilities. For instance, undergraduates must do homework, grasp new materials, work part-time, do sports, etc. Many responsibilities and lack of time create extensive tension, leading to anxiety and stress development.

It’s required to treat anxiety and study stress while in college because it can lead to severe consequences. If stress is not treated, it can develop into depression fast. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways that can help you cope with anxiety and study stress. Scroll down below and learn more about the top ways to keep your mind healthy while being a student.

Stay Physically Active

To get rid of stress caused by a large number of challenging academic tasks, you need to stay physically active. It will help you release stress and lower the overall tension. There are no particular sports you need to do to fight study stress. Feel free to do any sport you like the most. A lot of students choose to do exercises in a gym and running. These activities offer the opportunity to have flexible schedules because students don’t need to gather with others to run or work out in a gym. Running can help you refresh your mind and get rid of bothering thoughts. Moreover, it will help you to deliver more oxygen to brain cells. Weight lifting can help you release stress and improve your mental health. Besides, it will help you keep your body fit and strong.

Have Proper Rest

Unfortunately, a lot of learners study hard and frequently compromise on proper rest. They underestimate a healthy night’s sleep to compose top-quality papers and work part-time. However, it’s important to have proper rest to keep yourself safe from anxiety and study stress development.

For starters, it’s required to create a sleep schedule and follow it. You need to sleep from 7 to 9 hours every night. Moreover, you need to fall asleep and wake up according to the defined schedule to develop a healthy habit. A good night’s sleep will help your brain and body relax. Moreover, you will recharge your internal batteries to tackle new challenges without spending excessive resources.

Also, it’s always a good idea to have short rest sessions during the day. In case you feel extremely tired and cannot work hard at a high pace, feel free to have a short nap or get distracted by watching funny videos. It will help you lower the tension that leads to stress development.


Due to a large number of responsibilities and lack of spare time, a lot of students sacrifice socialization. It’s a serious mistake because communication with people and other social activities can help reduce stress. For instance, in case you feel tired and squeezed, you can meet with your friends and spend the time having fun. You can play board games or have a bike ride. Also, you can gather with your friends and have a great time by lying on the beach or exploring new places in your town. It will help you forget about all the bothering things that develop anxiety and keep yourself safe from stress development. Such activities will help you get rid of troubling thoughts that may be a source of anxiety.

Your friends will help you overcome obstacles that you face. In case you don’t have plenty of spare time, you can ask your friends, “What´s edubirdie?” to learn more about one of the most popular academic help services. By finding a reliable writing platform, you will be able to delegate your bothersome academic tasks and free your schedule to spend with friends.

Identify Goals to Achieve

If you want to tackle the study stress, you should set goals that you want to achieve. It will help you keep the proper level of motivation to keep coping with all the challenges you face while studying in college. To keep yourself safe from stress while studying in college, you should create a list of goals that you want to achieve. If you experience no strength to cope with obstacles that appear on your path to success, you can examine those goals that forced you to start tackling particular challenges to understand the purpose of your struggles.

It will help you understand the major goal you want to achieve, so you will be able to generate the inner power to cope with new challenges that appear in your life. In mere words, feel free to create a list of major goals you want to achieve and remind yourself about the real purpose of the challenges that you face to stay tuned to cope with all the obstacles that appear in your life.

Claire Preece