Some say cryptocurrency is the new gold. They are right! But, like every other profitable venture, increased profitability comes from making expert decisions and well-calculated moves, which is what crypto and blockchain analytics is all about.

Crypto & blockchain analytics is a process of analyzing on-chain and off-chain data to get actionable insights and make decisions.

Analyzing on-chain data means:

  • Reading live transactions
  • Analyzing blocks
  • Analyzing historical data
  • DEx analytics
  • Smart contract analytics

Off-chain data is a term with wide meaning but in our case by saying off-chain we mean:

  • Social data analysis about market events
  • Developers’ activity for certain blockchains
  • Real-time trading


Why would you need Crypto and Blockchain analysis?

Blockchain analysis is used for varying purposes but two of the most important reasons you may need to analyze crypto metrics are to:

  • Find the best performing coins for investment


In general, the value of a coin fluctuates based on its supply and demand, just like anything else. When demand increases rapidly than supply, the price can only go up, and vice versa. However, only analytics can precisely determine the best performing coins through mathematical indicators from price action data.


  • Find the best timing for investment


Analysis tools can predict the best timing for investment using special indicators that reveal trends. Put simply, the crypto and blockchain analysis helps you to accurately predict the lows and highs of prices over different time periods.


You won’t have to blindly trade, but you buy and sell only at appropriate times. Relying on analysis is the only way to ensure that you’re mostly selling at a profit.

How can bespoke software help in the Crypto-analysis?

The Crypto world is a very volatile market that is developing at a very high pace;  but there aren’t too many ready-made solutions.  If you need to create a proper analysis that boosts your profits, you would require bespoke software that can the following:

  • Integrate with different APIs to collect as much useful information as possible
  • Process data in real-time by applying transformations and aggregations needed
  • Store Data efficiently in Data warehouses and Data lakes
  • Create custom alerts when certain events happen
  • Create comprehensive custom dashboards to aid in visual data analysis
  • Detect patterns in data to quickly react to the emerging trends


The image above is a classic picture of how we collect data from a bunch of sources and get dashboards at the output.

The Profit You Get With Crypto Analytics Software

The main aim of the crypto-analysis software is to simplify interaction with users and obtain valid advice based on computer analytics. We climinate human data analysis and transfer the process to computer programs to arrive at the most accurate result.

The end result is a solution that can display the received data of financial analytics, trading volume, historical trading data, current prices, and news feeds reflecting the current market situation. The intelligence is presented in the form of graphs, charts, statistics, and reports etc. Understanding the data can never be easier.


The cryptocurrency world is rapidly evolving and attracting more buyers and investors to the market by the minute. In a few years, the majority would flood the crypto market for its numerous gains. To better understand this market and ways to succeed there, you need data and analytics to explain how to get the most out of the crypto market.



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Graham Shear