The coronavirus pandemic has significantly affected almost all areas of business, but some industries not only did not lose their positions but also increased the pace of development. For example, online gambling. It is not only developing in parallel with the global economy, but almost three times higher than it in terms of growth! Innovative technologies allow this sector to develop very quickly. Today, the industry is undergoing global changes. New opportunities open up before the players against the backdrop of the latest technological developments. What are the most interesting things we can see in the near future?

Trends in 2022

Online casino is an interesting and relevant phenomenon in itself, but besides, some new trends appear in it every year. Today, there are changes in the format of online gambling entertainment, which are highly appreciated by players around the world:

  • Opening of new GEOs. There are countries where online gambling is just beginning to emerge, but is already in growing demand, as well as countries that have previously been neglected.
  • E-sports popularization and, as a result, empowerment for e-sports betting. Looking at the esports disciplines popularity, at the growing budget and the number of sponsors, we can assume that in the near future the industry will move to a completely new stage of development.
  • Cryptocurrency and blockchain are gradually strengthening their positions in online games. Gambling sites are increasingly accepting crypto payments, and in the next couple of years, this payment method will become the norm. Confidentiality is one of its positive aspects – it is impossible to trace the funds.
  • Introduction of virtual and augmented reality. Some online gambling platforms have almost completely switched to such a game format, where any player can put on a VR headset and move into the exciting world of digital reality.

Given the interest of users and new opportunities for online casino operators, we can expect further development of these trends.

GEOs that are gaining popularity

More and more countries are taking the trend to improve legislation regarding the online gambling market operation. In 2021, many governments have allowed online gambling in order to increase revenues to local budgets. This opens up broad opportunities for casino operators to enter new markets. For example, the new GEOs TOP includes Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine. Nigeria is the economic powerhouse of Africa and has incredible potential for online casino and sports betting providers. Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia are also gaining popularity.

More trendy live games

Live casino games are extremely popular among online players today. This format allows users to feel like they are in a real casino. Moreover, solutions to implement virtualization in games with live dealers are increasingly being developed. The online live casinos already offer games with a dealer from a real casino instead of the usual virtual studio. In addition, the top online platforms boast a stable service and a well-developed live casino games bonus system.

Artificial intelligence

Online casinos are an excellent springboard for the application of AI. Today, in a highly competitive gambling market, there is a need for special tools and a smart platform that will help operators easily and quickly adapt to the demands and expectations of players around the world.

This technology already has many applications. AI programs can act as full-fledged participants in the gameplay and can even beat experienced opponents. Programs such as chat bots automatically and / or according to a given scenario perform certain actions through the chat interface. Such software allows a casino or bookmaker to communicate with customers and provide them with various services without the involvement of specialists from a call center or support service.

Luke Johnson