Modern garage interior. 3d illustration

Garages no longer need to be a space to store your car or to keep miscellaneous items from your home for years on end. If you are thinking about selling your car to online car buyers and consequently your garage space will now need a new purpose, look no further as we have lots of ideas into ways you can make your garage a new room in your home.

Turn the garage into a study

If you work from home or you work hybrid, you may feel that you want a separate space from inside your home to work. If you convert your garage into a study, it will create a professional office space at your home, whilst being separate from your living areas. This is ideal for those who live in busy homes and for those who are looking for a quiet space to work.

The best things/ items to purchase for a garage converted study/office space:

  • ●  Hard-wearing flooring, in most professional offices there are hardwearing, easy to keep clean floors, so if you want to bring a professional setting to your home, go for a hard-wearing floor that you will not need to replace for many years.
  • ●  Add a kitchen area to your office space- this is a good idea for those who want to work completely separately from your home, to add a little area to make cups of teas and coffees during the working day.
  • ●  A desk and office chair- this is an essential item for your home office, you could use the desk and chair you already use in your home, but if you are feeling like you want to invest in new furniture for your new office, then now is the perfect opportunity! Luckily there are lots of online home furnishing retailers that offer reasonably priced office furniture.
  • ●  Make sure you have access to Wi-Fi in your garage, as this is something which is essential for working from home.

Convert the garage into a games room

It is fair to assume that if money were no object, most people would choose to have a games room in their home. This is because games rooms offer entertainment for family and friends whilst being in their home setting.

The best ways to turn your garage into a games room are:

  • ●  Make all the walls in the garage fully insulated, as this will turn the garage into a warm room, most people cannot insulate rooms themselves, so you will need to get a professional in to do this work.
  • ●  Add flooring of your choice, it is your home so you will have preference over the types of flooring you would like in your home.
  • ●  Big sofas and beanbags make great seating in a games room, especially if you will be having movie nights in this room.
  • ●  Gaming facilities such as: a pool table or a dartboard will make a games room turn into a real games room!
  • ●  LED and Neon lighting will make the games room look very fashionable and on-trend, it will almost resemble an American games room that is featured in television and film.

Turn the garage into another bedroom

If you feel that you need another bedroom in your home, maybe your family is expanding or you would like to be able to offer you or a family member a bigger room, then turning your garage into a bedroom is a good way to do so.

The best things/items to purchase for your garage converted bedroom:

  • ●  As mentioned above, a converted garage should be insulated and it should also have good quality flooring, as it is a room which will be lived in.
  • ●  A new bed would be a great purchase if you are going to add an extra bedroom to your home.
  • ●  If there is room for a sofa then why not add one? It will turn your bedroom into a social space.
  • ●  Television is a good idea for those who like to stay up late watching TV series and films.
  • ●  An en-suite could be added to the converted space, as it will give a very luxurious feel to the new bedroom.

Final Thoughts

We hope you have enjoyed our blog on ideas for a garage conversion. If you are looking to convert your garage into a room, it is an exciting project, but it is important to have a clear and precise plan and budget when you are about to undergo a garage conversion project.

Claire Preece