Bitcoin prime is a popular trading site well-known for its automated trading. This software is designed to trade in the financial markets on your behalf with the automated robot. Its primary focus is on the cryptocurrency market and uses artificial intelligence algorithms to trade crypto CFDs. The users can automate their trading on a vast range of BTC pairs like BTC/USD and BTC/ GBP. One fantastic thing about this software is that it is free of cost, so you don’t need to pay any penny to get started. Traders can sign up in minutes on this app with a minimum deposit of $250. And after your account is set up, you can sit back and relax because bitcoin prime will trade in the background on your behalf. There is no requirement for manual input. And apart from these fantastic features, bitcoin prime has a lot more to offer. Following are some of the critical facts about bitcoin prime.

  • Facts about bitcoin prime

There are many things that you should keep in mind about Bitcoin prime. Let’s dive in and discuss a few facts about this sensational app.

  1. Partnerships with Top Brokers:

There is another way apart from trading cryptocurrency in the market to make profit. Bitcoin prime allows its users to gain exposure in the crypto market without exchanging. It works with third parties known as brokers who hold your account’s funds, and then they execute the trade on your behalf. These broker partners are known to offer the 75+ CFDs offered in the bitcoin prime trade and charge no fee. When you get started with bitcoin prime, you will automatically be connected with several brokers within your location.

  1. Customer Support

Bitcoin provides a handy contact form on its website where it allows its users to email the team to get solutions for any problems they might be facing. This customer support service is available 24/7. Once you sign up and make your account, you get a manager dedicated to the account that walks through with you and guides you on how to access the software.

  1. Demo-Trading Feature: 

When you are new to bitcoin trading, you need a guide on how to trade. Bitcoin prime knows the struggle of its new users and why it provides its users with a demo trading feature and live trading. You can swap between demo and live trading any time you want in your online account dashboard. Demo trading is necessary because it allows you to test out various parameters that bitcoin prime offer. For instance, if the algorithm has a high success rate of 70%, you can switch to demo mode and modify some of its parameters and see what it would take to push the win rate near 90%. After adjusting the parameter when you’re satisfied, you can switch back to the live trading again. It hardly takes around 30 minutes of demo trading to determine the best algorithm parameters for any market condition.

  1. News Trading: 

Bitcoin prime also monitors the market news feed and always stays one step ahead. The app is always looking for news that can impact the value of cryptocurrency or fiat currency and then handles the issues accordingly. This feature has proven to be the best because its automated bots are faster in dealing with market fluctuations than human traders.

  1. Deep Learning Algorithm: 

Bitcoin prime uses a deep learning algorithm to keep improving its trading. This algorithm learns how the successful trades and trades going in losses occur. It analyzes it and trades more efficiently and consistently to provide profitability in the future.

  1. Bitcoin Prime Fees: 

Although bitcoin prime is free to access, but for every profitable trade, it charges a 2% commission. Bitcoin prime will not charge anything if your account has suffered a loss or has yet to make profit. There is no deposit or withdrawal fee for the first ten withdrawals. After the tenth withdrawal, bitcoin prime will charge 0.1% of the traction fee at every withdrawal. However, if you deal with brokers, they can charge you additional fees for deposits withdrawals or trading.

  1. Skilled development team: 

Bitcoin prime’s development team is highly skilled. The staff has mixed expertise within the monetary market. The staff is also known to have constructed the trading of software programs from different monetary institutions. Bitcoins can be sent or received through his digital wallets. A long string is used as a bitcoin address that is used to trade bitcoin. There is no real identity, or personal documents of the user attached or required to carry out the transaction.


Bitcoin prime is a crypto trading robot that does automate trading with the help of its bot 24/7. The software uses deep learning to improve its trade performance. No account fee is charged for using it, and this software is proved to be profitable. Bitcoin offers its trader various crypto trading tools. This article has put light on various features and facts about bitcoin; however, before you start to operate this software, make sure you do a bit more research.

Rachel Sterry