Since the pandemic outbreak, the Swedish media and entertainment spaces have been disrupted in ways that we could not have imagined.

We linked up with our expert, Carlos Noberg (you can check his profile here), who shares his tips on online entertainment security and other related issues. 

Effects of Covid-19 on media and online entertainment

Some Swedish businesses in both media and entertainment have been forced to close down while others have been reaping huge after the governments put various measures that control the spread of the virus. On the other hand, those who have been innovative have been winners as people are looking for something to keep them busy. 

On the same note, the cybercriminals and cyberbullies also realized that the two spaces are a great goldmine for them. They realized that there is adequate information that is not secure and is accessible through easier means.

The disadvantage is that they either use such info to harm the owner or benefit themselves. That’s why the idea of cybersecurity comes in, considering the weight it holds for the two industries. Moreover, there are various companies (such as Sapphire) offering cyber security services which can be a great help to avoid cyber attacks before hand.

What is cybersecurity exactly?

You may think that cybersecurity is mainly about data protection. However, you may be surprised to learn from this article that it’s not only about that. It involves protecting internet-connected systems such as Hardware, Software, and other structures that heavily rely on data. The main aim is to secure all the computers, the server room, and mobile devices useful in organizations and other critical areas.

What are the cyber threats in media and online entertainment?

After knowing what cybersecurity means, you may wonder about the threats you may face as an online entertainment entrepreneur or a media personality. You don’t need to worry because the answers are right below;

Malware attacks

Have you realized in the past that your computer has additional software that you don’t understand? That is how malware attacks work. They refer to malicious software such as viruses and spyware that can alter how you run most of the operations when downloaded on your computer.

Some of the negative impacts it may have on you include denied access to critical components of your computer. If you are either in the online entertainment or media industry, you may be frustrated by that because you may not know if the harm it may cause can be extreme. 

Online gambling has been the biggest haven for cyberattacks. It is okay to find Swedish casinos that do not have a Swedish license such as those at casino utan licens. However, it is your duty to ensure that the sites are secure, check their reviews and terms of service before you sign up and get rolling. 

Third-party attacks (Man in the middle)

If you love online gaming, you may find yourself playing your favorite game after connecting your smartphone to public Wi-Fi. You may do that even after knowing that some organizations in Sweden prohibit access to their Wi-Fi network, especially when you are on sites like. 

The main reason why accessing such sites on public Wi-Fi may be a bad idea is that there are weaker gambling security measures that cannot stop cybercriminals who like inserting themselves into a two-party transaction. They then interrupt the traffic and find a perfect way of stealing the two parties’ data. They can then use the data maliciously for whatever they want to accomplish.


Suppose you are in the online entertainment and media industry and maybe receiving emails from both known, such as your business partners and unknown senders. But have you ever imagined that some of them could probably be from cyber attackers?

They can send you emails and trick you into opening them. Once you do so, they ask you to provide them with sensitive information such as your credit card details and other log-in details. After that, they can use the data to commit any crime they want.


When working on a profitable entertainment project, one of your team members may leak critical information relating to the project. Unknown to you, the data may reach the ears of cybercriminals and prompt them to attack your website and destroy such content, especially if you don’t have strong cybersecurity social media measures.

How to avoid cybercrime in Media and online entertainment?

After realizing how cyber insecurity may be harmful to your systems, you may put measures that will help you minimize the effect on your website and other essential online content.

If online entertainment security is your priority, you can consider investing in your cybersecurity preventive measures to avoid losing essential data through attacks on your software. We also expect that demand for technologies such as VR will be on the rise and online gambling houses must invest in them heavily.

Sam Allcock