Marketing services may be required by a company at any stage of its brand life cycle. Brand consulting can be called a complex of specialized events, the purpose of which is to solve current tasks of the client in the sphere of creation and management of company’s brands. Experienced specialists in brand consulting services: marketers, strategists, creators of Chu Agency limited will help to answer many questions. Increase of sales due to brand effectiveness improvement; selection of the strongest and most promising brands in the portfolio for further development; formation of anti-crisis brand portfolio; optimization of promotion expenses due to accurate target in the target audience, selection of correct leverage and communication channels; search and conquest of new market niches and so on – all these tasks can be solved by Chu consulting.

Chu Agency limited uses 360° marketing, that is an advertising campaign with targeted message creation at several points of contact with customers to form a single recognizable image of the company. The same recognizable message creates a persistent sense of the company’s presence in a business environment with a particular image. The effect of this approach gradually accumulates, increasing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Chu creates video promos as well based on software solutions that fully meet the interests of our clients. For the production of video clips, advanced technologies are used that are used to create premium video and film products all over the world, this is professional camera, sound recording and lighting equipment of the best brands of the global video industry. A deep dive into the topic, creative understanding of the business specifics, the use of modern technology allows the company’s specialists to provide the production of turnkey videos with high information and cost-effectiveness.

Chu Agency limited solutions for any business objective

Before starting promotional activities, Chu Agency studies the product, evaluate its market position and make a marketing strategy goal. Based on the data obtained and analysis of demand a comprehensive plan for the promotion of the site and services of the company is formed. A ready commercial proposal with a detailed media plan and recommended budget for advertising services is sent to the customer. What tasks Chu Agency solves:

  • Turnkey startup. From idea to functioning online business;
  • Testing the business model for strength. Assessment of potential profitability and adaptation to market conditions;
  • Search and assessment of barriers to development of existing business;
  • A new brand market launch;
  • Launching a new product under an existing brand;
  • Expansion of the product line;
  • Increasing brand awareness;
  • Strengthening the loyalty of existing customers;
  • Sales launch. Formation of a circle of first clients;
  • Increase in the number of clients;
  • Increase in repeat visits;
  • Entering a new segment;
  • CRM system implementation;
  • Strategic support of the company!

Taking into account the specifics of the business, Chu team determines which tools need to be used: contextual, targeted or media advertising. The agency can take on any activities to attract clients to your business. Internet, social networks, website development, targeted advertising, offline, writing sales texts – for any purpose they have an experienced employee. You no longer have to look for a contractor for every marketing task, the agency already has everything you need. It’s simple: you run the business, and they do it so that your customer flow never dries up.

Sam Allcock