Sustainability is one of the words of the day. Scientists, celebrities, and companies are all trying to raise general awareness. Going green was also a marketing move aimed at consumers who share the same values for most businesses. Casinos didn’t stand aside from this market shift. So, many land-based behemoths are reducing their carbon footprints. Learn more about them here.

No Playing With the Environment

Grandiosity is a traditional trademark for land-based casinos. Often, it’s difficult to draw a line between grandiosity and waste. Las Vegas is one of the best places in the world to observe the impact of casinos in real-time. The Neon Capital of the World concentrates over 150 casinos within its limits.

Energy consumption is the worst villain in this story. Many casinos have efficient waste management, but that blinding show of lights portrayed in the movies doesn’t come for free. Casinos make around 20% of energy consumption in the city. When we look at the Luxor Beam, on top of its rather extravagant pyramid, it’s easy to see why. With more than 41 billion candlepower, the beam uses the energy that it takes about 40,000 lightbulbs to stay on.

Unlike a live casino online, land-based ones use up a lot of energy with extravagant facades, neon lights, water fountain shows and more. So, without due care, those places become big-time polluters. Let’s check below which casinos are turning their investments to a greener future.

Caesars Palace – Las Vegas

Ceasar’s Palace went under such deep transformations that now it exports bars of soap. Allow us to explain. Caesar’s Palace also has a hotel, and hotels typically have a monumental waste of plastic, bars of soap, toiletries, and others. The venue has shut the careless waste tap and recycles all its toiletries and soap. It produces so much soap that it has already exported over two million bars.

Mandalay Bay Resorts – Las Vegas

Mandalay has taken concrete steps to stop food waste. It also shops locally to supply its world-class restaurant. The company takes recycling so seriously that it can recycle almost everything on-site. It has also invested in a more efficient heating system, where parts of the building can be deactivated. Linen that can no longer go back to guest rooms is donated to the Nevada Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA).

Sybaya Casino – Durham

All workers in this casino from South Africa know how to take care of their disposables by recycling, reducing, or reusing everything. Food waste is treated in a wormery, a kind of super-efficient compost, where worms do most of the job.

The Venetian – Macao

Recently, this venue has won the Macau Green Hotel Platinum Award for its several eco-friendly policies. Among them, there’s switching all lightbulbs in the building by LEDs. It represents savings as high as 50,000 households’ consumption over one year. The hotel also uses a swap mattress scheme that significantly increases mattresses’ lifespan.

Resorts World Sentosa – Singapore

Cutting 1.2 tons of plastic waste is no mean feat. This giant resort managed to do it by cutting plastic straws on its premises. However, it’s an enormous place, so the impact of even small measures are visible.

Claire Preece